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Why does Wall Street love the simplest sport?

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It might seem silly, and I might feel the same way if I didn’t spend a lot of time waking up doing financial services, a company full of lovers who share my complex relationship with one of the the simplest forms of exercise in the world. .

One of the two banks seems to be training or returning to a marathon, or trying out a more difficult challenge. The dynamism that the stage feels to manage it is not just drama; At the start line of the London Marathon in April, I had a 10% chance of bumping into someone from the finance industry, not the 4% you’d expect in part.

UK residents working in the sector.

So what does physical activity have to do with running close to the industry?

The simple answer is that they both attract ‘type A’ people. The intense preparation required to participate in a marathon is not the same as what is required to gain a large clientele. Similarly, the resistance to continuity when you no longer give your foot is a similar trait that makes an investment analyst endure a 16-hour day.

Brad Hu, chief risk officer at Citigroup, was 49 when he found out that running after a friend “encouraged him to run a marathon”. The minimum distance it has is 5 km, but sometimes it reaches 13.

“If I have a race or a goal, I focus, commit to training,

“he said. How do you balance that with the demands and expectations that are sure to come with doing risk assessment work for one of the world’s largest banks?” There are no excuses. , “Hu said.” It doesn’t matter if you go home and at 10 pm. and when it rains you do it. I run with lights and things like that. ”

John Wraith, head of interest rate strategy at UBS, ran a monthly marathon for 12 consecutive months last year, although his job was difficult in predicting the future. of UK debt. the great difficulty that 먹튀검증.

Jacqueline Valouch, who led the philanthropy for Deutsche

The Bank’s wealth management company, describes the event as “a part of my day that I don’t want to sacrifice.”

However, courage and determination can only partially explain why a bank is running. You must also have the desire to run. Looking at it, I see that there are many more reasons why people want to run now more than ever before.


Rapid advances in everything from machine learning to speech recognition to computer models have brought the industry to the brink of change. So far, his boss has talked about breaking responsibilities in the work area. However, in the long run, almost every role in the industry is at risk, so it makes more sense for humans to take action that demonstrates the benefits they gain from machines.

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