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Why Do Most Companies Overlook An Education Verification?

Why Do Most Companies Overlook An Education Verification
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API integration and tech-enabled platforms make it possible to complete identity checks and receive reports in quick time. AuthBridge is a registered Authenticated User Agency with UIDAI for Aadhaar-based background verification. Previously a time-consuming process, background verification can now be done electronically. AuthBridge is a registered Authenticated User Agency (AUA) with UIDAI for Aadhaar-based background verification, and they can streamline the process.

Merging of online and mobile technologies with government-approved identity checks is transforming the burden of multiple paperwork to a streamlined process. With AuthBridge’s eKYC services, you can get employee verification reports in quick time and create a safe working environment. Authbridge’s eKYC integration enables organizations to comply with regulatory mandates, avoid incomplete or inaccurate applications and deliver a streamlined onboarding experience for their new employees. A unique feature of this technology is biometric user authentication through which only the verified identity of the employee can be allowed to work in an organization. Blockchain offers a robust solution to safeguard identities by providing same level of validation as government issued identification cards along with biometrics. AuthBridge provides seamless integration of Blockchain enabled eKYC and eSign products along with its products.

Background verification format, or a simple BV as it is commonly abbreviated, is any type of employee background check. Authentication in the human resource management field refers to a specific process used for identity verification purposes. It is necessary for any company who wishes to perform an employee background check before hiring an individual. A particular method of authentication has been crafted by the Indian Government for this purpose, which relies upon Aadhaar, India’s national identity system.

Fake degree certificates are more prevalent than most people realise. Given the immense competition for employment in India, it is not uncommon for many students fudging their education certificates to get a job or admission into college and study abroad. The ground reality shows that this problem is real with new scandals being reported almost every year by various bodies across the country. On one hand this poses a direct risk for employers, they may hire incompetent people who can impact their productivity adversely; on the other hand raises an issue of justice for those candidates who lose job opportunities against these fake or exaggerated certificates.

The reason why can be attributed to several factors that include family pressure to secure employment, better life abroad and social status. Focusing on the ‘India’ specific aspect of the issue, there are many popular schools in India which are known for their somewhat strict evaluation system. Schools conduct annual exams for different grades and students stepping out with less than desirable marks must appear for supplementary examinations. The risk of failing this makes students resort to creative methods such as purchasing fake education certificates from fly by night operators. It is sad but true: education in India has not evolved much in terms of discourse or debate unlike western countries where higher education is taken more seriously. As a result, many educational institutes suffer on account of unemployment and social discrimination. To add to it the scenario is further complicated because of the lack of awareness among the general public and rampant corruption within various government bodies and law enforcement agencies.

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