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What To Do If A Truck Hits Your Car On A Highway 

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Being involved in a car accident can be a truly traumatic experience.  No one wants to experience their biggest nightmare, especially when they are traveling with their family. Injuries to your children can make you skip a heartbeat. 


If you are going somewhere on a highway for a family vacation, and suddenly a truck hits you from behind, you may feel shocked. However, you should take some active steps to make sure the culprit does not go unnoticed. Here is what you should do. 


  1. Contact The Emergency Response Unit

The first thing to do when you get hit by a truck is to see the situation of the people inside your car. Check If anyone is injured badly. Make sure you call 911 immediately so that they send in the emergency response unit at the site. 


Even if you are not physically injured, concussions and whiplash show after a few days. It would be wise to get yourself and other members of the car checked from the ER. Make sure that you and your children have no physical injury. Getting x-rays and CT scans can be a good precautionary measure. 

  1. Do Not Let Anyone Leave

After You have regained your senses after a shock, get out of your car when it’s safe and keep the truck at the site. Do not let the truck driver escape the scene. You should record the site of the accident and take pictures. This documentation can be used by your law firm to make a case against the truck driver. 


When getting out of the car, make sure you check the road for oncoming cars before you open the car door. Also, make sure you park your car on the side of the road to avoid traffic blockage and to prevent other cars from colliding. 

  1. Call The Police

The next thing to do would be to call the police. When you file the report immediately at the crime scene, the police can collect relevant data and make sure that the one at fault does not leave the premises. 


Filing a police report can also help you with the personal injury lawsuit that you are going to make against the truck driver. You might need the FIR for insurance claims as well. 

  1. Call Your Attorney

You should call an auto accident attorney at the site to help you handle the case. The attorney will make sure that all the relevant data has been documented. He will advise you on how to pursue the case. 


Your attorney will represent you in court, if need be, and fight for your cause. Secondly, a personal injury lawyer makes sure that your insurance company pays for the damage you have faced, including medical expenses and car repair. 


First of all you should take care of yourself and your car that you can’t be hit in any kind of accident. You can train yourself from any Top Driving School in Calgary to enhance your driving skills. Becoming a victim of a car accident is a traumatic experience. Make sure that you know the necessary steps to take to make sure that the one at fault does not run away from the scene. 


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