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What makes the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek the Greatest!

kashmir great lake trek
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Kashmir Great Lakes, a.ka. KGL journey turned out to be progressively famous and presently likely the most desired journey during storms in the Indian Himalayas. Kashmir – “The heaven on the planet” is really spread out during this 7-day walk covering a distance of 65 Km. A few high elevation lakes, snow-capped glades speckled with small wildflowers, and flawless camping areas make this venture a captivating one. Therefore the KGL trail is the Best of Kashmir, what local people call Jannat E Kashmir, a piece of heaven on the planet. 


Why should you visit?

Kashmir Great Lakes is ideal for the people who need to investigate extensive glades, snow-capped lakes, high height passes and the immense neglected vistas of Kashmir. The high elevation snow-capped lakes have it is generally perfect and immaculate to hypnotize excellence and the path. This is the main trip in the Himalayas that packs three high height passes, five waterway valley intersections donning seven elevated lakes, each a shocking shade of green, blue and turquoise, all inside an amazing range of 8 days! Consistently you are faced by the richness that is unfathomable, pretentious and painfully delightful: perpetual blue skies; amazing scenes of tough mountains, showy knolls overflowing with wild blossoms, waterway intersections, rock jumping; the KGL journey leaves you ruined for decision and how! 


Scenic views 

This is on the grounds that the journey is set in a material that is amazing. It is located 75 km east of Srinagar. Consistently is a 360° display of wild, tough mountains, moving knolls, and turquoise high lakes. Also, you get more than seven of these lakes and five totally different valleys to investigate! 


Attractions to visit

Nagin Lake 

If you have any desire to have tranquil and true involvement with your Kashmir trip, you should visit Nagin Lake. It is encircled and enhanced with vegetation and mountains that offer an extreme perspective on this millpond. Vacationers can swim, jump and boat to investigate the excellence of this water body. The perspective on Shankaracharya slope, Hari Parbat, impeccable willow and trees will make you inexpressibly pleased. Remember to take a shikara ride, visit drifting business sectors and remain in a houseboat for a day. In the event that you are on your special first night trip, you can have a genuinely heartfelt involvement with this waterhole. 


Dal Lake

One of the most famous and delightful pools in Kashmir is Dal Lake. It is Srinagar’s gem that offers extraordinary views by mirroring the cut wooden galleries of the houseboats. It is one of the most popular attractions in Srinagar that is visited by each traveller. You can appreciate shikhara rides, houseboat stays, swimming, and have a pleasurable perspective on the staggering nurseries, plantations and surrounding mountains. It is huge for sightseers as well as for individuals who get their occupation from it. km and the inward excellence of this should be visible to sitting in Shikhara. Catch every single wonderful snapshot of Kashmir Valley by visiting Dal Lake. 

Gadsar Pass 

Every one of the lakes are astonishing yet Gadsar among everything is immaculate in view of its high elevation (13800 feet above. It lies against a glacial mass and is encompassed by a glade where wildflowers fill in overflow. In this way, it impeccably adds excellence to the pleasant valley. The high Gadsar Pass offers beautiful valley perspectives and offers views of Kishansar and Vishansar-The two Lakes. Then again lies the extravagant fields of Gadsar valley. 



Sonamarg in winters is covered with snow everywhere. To arrive at Sonmarg you need to change the taxi in the middle and need to take a taxi with iron chains on its tires as the ordinary tires slip in the snow. Sonmarg has antiquated significance since it was a passage on the old Silk Road that interfaces Kashmir with China. It gives as a headquarters to Ladakh and is militarily vital for India. In the colder time of year, Sonamarg turns into a valley canvassed in white gold in this manner satisfying its name. 


Why this trek?

All through the journey, you will be at a height of 2000-4000 meters. Throughout the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, you will have the awesome chance of noticing the rich vegetation and fauna of the northwestern Himalayan locale. The Harmukh Peak, at a stature of 5,400 meters, will excite both stunningness and motivation in you. Be that as it may, the most awesome aspect of the trip is simply the lakes. Which mystically change their shadings from clear at sunrise to the ocean green to light blue to inky blue before sun-down. It will be an encounter that you will treasure for quite a while. 


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