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What are the most common risks of watching a movie on a pirated site?

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Around 6 out of 10 young adults in the United States watch TV, mostly through online streaming. The rise of internet streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go has drastically changed Americans’ media habits, particularly among young adults.

While these firms are working to address the problem of illicit downloading and streaming, it is still prevalent around the world.

Statistics show that illegal streaming increased by 1.6 percent in 2017, resulting in over 300 billion visits to pirate sites.

Most individuals certainly don’t think twice about it, yet browsing streaming sites can result in more than just a smack on the wrist.

So, how can we keep ourselves safe online and avoid malware? We’ve compiled a list of the most important precautions you should take to ensure your online safety.

However, you can even use to download movies.


Many users use ad blockers and other plugins like BlockSite to block annoying advertisements that cover or create noise on the web page they’re attempting to view.

While that is true, there is an even more compelling reason to install an ad blocker: to increase your security. Hackers are increasingly using online ads as a vector of attack, even on reputable websites. Therefore, blocking suspicious ads will lower your security risk.


Look for special letters and digits in any URL you get from an email. For example, what appears to be a message or URL from your bank, for example, is frequently not from them.

If you receive a “password reset” email from your financial institution or a website with which you have an account, log in directly to the bank rather than clicking on the link in the email.

Because phishing has become more complex, taking this extra step to ensure password security is critical.

password protected

Make sure you’re protected online by using strong passwords and only visiting secure sites. Never reuse a password, especially for sensitive information like your bank account.

We usually utilize the same email address or username across all of our accounts.

Those are simple to spot and take. If you’re using the same password for everything, or for a variety of activities, and it is discovered, your account can be hacked in seconds.

Make your password easy to remember but tough to guess by using lowercase, uppercase, digits, and symbols.

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Secure Network

Avoid utilizing the “free” open (no password, no encryption) WiFi that is frequently available when working from a local coffee shop, library, or even an airport.

Consider this: if you can easily access this network, what could a well-trained hostile person do? Keep in mind that you must account for all devices in this situation.

Any system that isn’t protected is a source of vulnerability for the entire network. Consider installing a firewall to limit outside access and create an account for all devices.


To add gasoline to the fire, it was stated that there were a total of 5.99 billion malware attacks in the first half of 2018.

This is a more than 100% increase over the same time period in 2017.

Make sure you’re reducing your risk and assisting in the prevention of attacks by implementing the essential prevention measures on your devices before they can spread. This will undoubtedly make your business and personal use of mobile and desktop devices safer.

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