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Uttari Betta Trek from Bangalore

uttari betta trek
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Uttari Betta is a 5-kilometre journey over a stunning lush green landscape that gives fairly distinct picturesque views akin to those of the Western Ghats. It is one of Karnataka’s most popular day hikes and is considered one of the state’s best. The trip begins in a tiny village before entering the fort wall and passing through seven stone doors to reach the halfway point of the hike, which is marked by a shrine dedicated to Lord Shankareswar at the top of the hill.

The view from the top of the temple is breathtakingly stunning, and it is enough to take your breath away for a moment. Once we have crossed the temple, the trip continues ahead, passing through a small jungle tunnel, where we will see an entirely new and surprising environment, before arriving at the grassland summit of the hill, which is encircled by massive boulders. After spending some time at the summit with some light chit-chat and a picnic lunch, we begin the long descent back to the starting site of the hike in the afternoon.

What does our Uttari Betta Trekking expert have to say about the trek?


We begin the trek at night with the goal of reaching the summit just before the sun rises in the morning. An unnamed little village serves as the starting point for the trek. After walking through the hamlet for a respectable period of time in the dark, you will be entering the defensive barricade and passing through seven stone entryways, which will be your final destination. The majority of the trail is shaky since it passes over stones and steps cut into large rocks.

Once you pass through these doors, you will reach the midpoint of the climb, which is marked by a shrine dedicated to Shankheshwar at the summit. When you get to the top of the temple, the vista is spectacular enough to hold onto your brain for a few seconds longer than usual. When we pass through the sanctuary, the route continues ahead, passing through a small woodland tunnel, entering an altogether different and surprising world, and ending up at the grassland at the top of the hillock, which is surrounded by enormous stones and boulders, as shown in the picture.

View from the trek

At the summit, we will be able to watch the beautiful morning with nothing but green grass, clear blue skies, and grey-coloured massive rocks to accompany us on our journey. Keep this awe-inspiring moment in your mind for as long as you can, as it will aid you in recalling the supreme harmony you experienced at that time later on in your life.

The following morning, when the sky was painted with an amazing array of hues, we indulged in the splendour of the magnificent sunrise. We will begin our descent back to the base camp as soon as this is completed. While being mesmerized by the majesty of the slopes, try to move with caution. We shall take a break for breakfast in between and then continue on our way towards Bangalore.

Trekking Directions to Uttari Betta

Trekking is a type of activity.

The terrain is rocky.

The event will go for one day only.

The difficulty level is divided into three categories: easy, moderate, and difficult.

The total distance travelled is around 7 kilometres (Both the ways)

The cost is Rs. 1300/-. (per person)

Itinerary for the Uttari Betta Trek


  • Pickup at New Shanti Sagar Hotel in Domlur at 06:45 a.m.


  • Pick up at 07:00 am from Garuda Mall on Magrath Road.


  • Take a quick bite to eat on the way.


  • 09:00 Once you’ve reached the bottom, you can begin ascending.


  • 11:30 Climb to the top and take a look around. Pack a lunch for yourself.


  • Start descending at 12:30 p.m.


  • 15:00 Arrive at the starting point and begin the return trek.


  • Arrival in Bangalore is expected to be about 18:00.

Things to Bring with You


  • a water bottle with a capacity of 2.3 litres

  • Trekkers’ lunch will be provided.

  • Trekking shoes are designed to provide increased grip and comfort while on a trek. (It is preferable to wear Action hiking shoes)

  • All of these items should be stored in a proper haversack.

  • A good torch with additional batteries is a requirement.

  • Sun hats and sunscreen are recommended.

  • There are several dry fruits / dry snacks/energy bars included.

  • Glucon D / ORS / Tang / Gatorade sachets are also available.

  • Personal First Aid and Personal Medicine Identification Documentation

  • Please dress in long sleeves and full track pants. To protect yourself from the hot summer sun, thorns, insects, and prickles.

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