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Starting a treasure hunt with a metal detector

treasure hunter with a metal detector
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The first thing you may think of when you hear the term “metal detection” is the walk-through metal detectors found in airports or private establishments. However, metal detecting is not just about security and protection. It can also be a hobby and sport.

What you need to know about metal detecting

Before becoming a real hobby, metal detecting was invented to save a life. Indeed, its appearance dates back to the 19th century following an assassination attempt of the 20th president of the USA, James Garfield. Alexander Graham Bell, an English scientist and inventor, cobbled together a rudimentary metal detector in an unsuccessful attempt to locate the bullet.

Bell’s metal detector was an electromagnetic device that he called the induction balance. It was then in 1925, Gerhard Fischar who invented a portable metal detector. Fischar’s model was first marketed in 1931. It was Fischar who initiated the first industrial production of metal detectors.

treasure hunter with a metal detector

The first metal detectors were widely used for mining and other industrial applications. Later, they were used for mine clearance, weapons detection (especially for airport security), prospecting, archaeology and treasure hunting.

Today’s models are very powerful and designed without wires for more freedom of action. Metal detectors are also used to detect foreign objects in food and in construction.

Why go metal detecting?

Metal detecting has recently become very popular, especially in France and England, and is now considered a fun and educational hobby. If you are a rather curious person who likes to go for walks, you may find metal detecting very enjoyable because this activity allows you to discover objects that may be valuable and dating from a long time ago.

You may discover coins for a collection or even jewelry or gold nuggets. One of the fascinating stories about this was in 2009, when a man accidentally discovered the largest known Anglo-Saxon treasure in a field in Staffordshire, England. The haul consisted of more than 1,500 coins and several pounds of exceptional silver, gold and jewelry.

Apart from finding a valuable object, metal detecting can be a real cardio workout, as you will be traveling long distances. You will be able to improve your mood by the same means. It will also be an opportunity to widen your social circle since you will meet other enthusiasts without any doubt.

Getting started in detecting

Obviously, you need to get a metal detector before you start. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. The key is to find a reliable device and learn how to use it properly. To do this, do some research to find a model whose features appeal to you. Also, ask for advice from friends and family for more experience.

For example, in France, metal detection is very popular because of its extraordinary historical interest. We encourage you to visit this page in French which will explain all there is to know about this treasure hunting sport:

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