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Top 5 lake trek in India

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India is a country rich in natural wonders. The sheer beauty of its scenery, as well as the diversity of its flora, fauna, and climatic conditions, is enough to lure adventurers and travelers from all over the world. When you add in the Himalayas, you’ve got yourself a ‘Travelers Paradise.’

Because of its proximity to the Himalayas, India has traditionally been connected with hiking. Many hiking trails in India promise spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, beautiful scenery, and a glimpse into Himalayan hamlet life. India is a treasure trove of natural treasures and an opportunity to experience them in all their enchanting delights for the adventurous soul.

Kalsubai Trek

At the time, she was treating humans and animals as well as assisting in village activities. She left one day towards the peak and never returned.

In her honor, a small temple was built near her home on the mountainside, and the bigger Kalsubai temple was built on the peak.

Many notable forts may be observed from the Kalsubai climb, including Alang, Madan, and Kulang.



Dodital Trek is one of Uttarakhand’s most stunning treks. It is a beautiful emerald lake hidden among high mountains at 3310 metres above sea level. Tal is perhaps one of the most stunning high-altitude lakes in North India, with its quiet setting and tranquil surroundings.

It is a freshwater lake in the Uttarkashi district. The Assi Ganga emerges from Dodital and merges with Bhagirathi. Gangori is the location of the confluence. To get to Dodital, take a 19-kilometer jeep ride from Uttarkashi to Sangamchatti, from where the 24-kilometer hike to begins. This is a mostly easy hike with overnight alternatives in Agora or Bebra.

Stay at one of the private lodges in Agora, which is 6 kilometres from Sangamchatti, or camp at Bebra, which is 8 km from Sangamchatti. The next day, you can begin the second stage of the walk, which will take you to Dodital through Manjhi, a little summer hamlet.

Markha Valley Trek

The picturesque villages in Markha Valley, however, are the most charming part of this walk. In the center of Ladakh’s desolate mountains, the simple mud huts set amidst lush green fields are a magnificent sight. Traditional Tibetan adorned kitchens and buddhist prayer flags, among other things Tibetan, thrive in these areas.

The nicest aspect is that you can stay in such wonderful residences for the duration of your journey. The walk is peppered with village homestays, making Markha Valley one of India’s few tea-house hikes. Without the logistics of camping, the trip becomes a tremendously gratifying experience.


Goecha La Trek

The most compelling reason to undertake the Goechala hike is to take in the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.In addition to the Kanchenjunga, there are 14 more prominent peaks.That’s a lot for any hike, let alone one as close to the eyeballs as the Goechala. Hikers consider Goechala to be the most accessible of Nepal’s big mountain treks, which comes as no surprise.

Before we get into the specifics of the Goechala walk, let’s have a look at why Goechala is so well-known among hikers throughout the world:


While the Goechala route is old, it wasn’t always so well-known. During the Nepalese Civil War, which lasted from 1996 to 2006, the situation changed.

 Suddenly, travelling to the world’s highest peaks was out of the question. It was a big setback for the hikers, who scrambled to find other options.

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Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumara Parvatha is located in Karnataka’s Western Ghats. Kukke Subrahmanya, an ancient and well-known temple, is located at the foothills.

The shrine is steeped in history and is highly revered by the locals.

People come from all across the country, mainly from South India, to make offerings at the temple in order to have their desires granted. 

Shesha Parvatha, with its thick blanket of lush green forest of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, stands tall behind the Kukke Subrahmanya temple.

The peak known as Kumara Parvatha or Pushpagiri is hidden most of the time and only visible after crossing Shesha Parvatha, yet the entire trail is known as the Kumara Parvatha trek.

Kumara Parvatha is the second highest peak in Kodagu district, second only to Tadiandamol, and Karnataka’s fourth highest peak.

The first view of Shesha Parvatha as morning breaks will give you a sense of the journey you are about to embark on, and it will get your heart racing!

Kumara Parvatha is Karnataka’s most difficult hike, climbing to a height of little more than 1,700 metres (about 5,600 ft). It lives up to its moniker.


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