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Top 5 cloud mining services

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Additional benefits of this UK based cloud mining provider are 24/7 customer support, fast payouts, and really fun user friendly interface. So we marked SHAMINING as a trusted cloud mining platform to earn Bitcoins from home (or anywhere else in the world).

Available contract options:

  • CPU miners (23,580 GH/s). The current price for 1 GH/s is $0.0120. The rate of return is 143%.
  • GPU miners (94,340 GH/s). The current price for 1 GH/s is $0.0113. The rate of return is 149%.
  • ASIC miners (235,849 GH/s). The current price for 1 GH/s is $0.0109. The rate of return is 156%.

To start earning crypto on the SHAMINING cloud mining platform, sign up and deposit using your preferred payment method: by your BTC wallet, by Complete Mining Rig or via Visa or MasterCard credit card. Please note that the cloud mining process begins immediately after you have purchased a contract.

GP Miners

Our second choice is another cloud mining provider based in the UK. GPminers is a fast growing company that allows users to mine Bitcoins without having to buy expensive equipment or special accessories. For now, with more than 3000 investors, GPminers maintains its own BTC mining pool with several Data Centers. Yield rates start from 143% on GPminers. And this makes the platform one of the best and most reliable cloud mining websites among other providers.

Let’s take a look at what GPminers offers crypto investors at the current time. You can easily create an account to earn Bitcoins with guaranteed daily earnings. To purchase a suitable cloud mining contract at GPminers, deposit at least $250 and choose your perfect plan. For now, the company offers several options.

  • Home . The hash power rate is 90,000 GH/s with a throughput of 143%. It costs $0.0120 for 1GH/s.
  • Professional . The hash power rate is 450,000 GH/s with a throughput of 149%. The price for 1 GH/s is $0.0120.
  • Smart . The hash power rate is 2,000,000 GH/s with a throughput of 156%. The current price is $0.0120 for 1 GH/s.

VIP . A premium plan with unlimited hashing power. Here the average yield is 170+%. You can get current prices on demand by contacting your manager or support agent.

What is the real profitability of cloud mining on the GPminers platform? Buying a 5000 BTC mining contract , you will reach 650 dollars in just one month (actually it is an average monthly profit). According to calculations, your passive income in the first year of using GPminers will reach $7,800.

Also, you can use the Calculator tool to calculate estimated daily, monthly or yearly earnings under any type of one-year cloud mining contract at GPminers. Just as you can easily check your miner (or even multiple miners) with your computer or smartphone.

  1. CryptoUniverse

Our next stop is CryptoUniverse , a well-known and one of the largest cloud mining services that offers to receive a stable passive income day after day, and month after month. You can rent a shared hash rate and create a personal plan to earn Bitcoins daily at CryptoUniverse. The rental duration options are 180, 360 or 540 days. Investments start from $48.50 only, which we believe is one of the lowest entry amounts among cloud mining platforms so far.

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