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Tips to remember when choosing a law college in Delhi

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You might be familiar with your friends pursuing a law degree, the most preferred and popular course but it is a specialization of a lot of legal and non-legal subjects altogether. However, most of the law-related subjects for your semesters would include english literature, economics, sociology, The Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), The Code of Civil Procedure, international law, environmental law, banking law, judiciary, business law, and contract law. Given the vastness of the course, it can sometimes be difficult to find the top law college in Delhi

Choosing a university for management of business administration

Sometimes candidates want to pursue higher studies after their law degree like a Phd or B ed. If you wish to pursue higher education after your law course, here’s some prior homework you need to do to find the top Phd or top B ed college in Delhi.

  • Jot down a few questions 

Firstly, you need to find the best university to study at. So, the first thing you need to do is to jot down a few questions and answer them. Supposedly you are trying to find a good law university specializing in juvenile law, you must be questioning if the choice of institutions in your list offers that specialization or not. After the courses match with the chosen university, ask the next set of questions that answers whether that institution is among the list of renowned universities. 

  • Ask for recommendations

Asking for recommendations from professors or your friends is a great way to find the best law institutions. You can also ask for recommendations on an online portal where students are quite frequent. 

  • Check for online portals and reviews

One of the popular ways to find the best university for your law course is to check the online portals that offer the courses you are looking for. The popularity that online portals have garnered over the last few years has made the quest more convenient and comfortable. Several students choose online portals since the reviews on the universities are honestly provided by other students. 

  • Join an online University group 

Joining an online university group means being a part of those groups that actively engage in discussing and posting about law-related universities and subjects. The active interaction of members will help you to receive answers when you are trying to find the top B ed college in Delhi for your career. 


Understandably, pursuing a law degree can be a difficult task if you choose a less reputed university. But if you choose the right institution, your five-year journey becomes educational and fun. That is why, if you are trying to find the top law college in Delhi after your management course, follow the tips mentioned above. It will not only help you in choosing the best of the lot but will also help you score the best. 


How many years is the law degree?

Complete law-degree requires five years in total. 

What eligibility criteria do students have to meet to get into law school? 

Apart from school marksheets, students have to sit for an entrance examination. 

Is PhD or B ed a good idea after a law degree? 

If you want to pursue higher studies or a be a lecturer, Phd and B ed are the ideal options. 

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