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Tips for your Air Conditioner Maintenance

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An air conditioner is the most needed system in your house, and if your AC stops working suddenly, it causes a nightmare-like situation. If you want your ac to always perform well, pay attention to the maintenance part. Hiring a Vancouver heating and air conditioning service will help you keep your system always in perfect condition. Summer days are making the living uncomfortable, and the high temperature outside makes the regular journey difficult. Only an air conditioner becomes the reliever from this unbearable temperature. Learn how to maintain your AC to avoid any expensive repair work.

The common parts like the air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins need regular maintenance, and it can be done by homeowners themselves.  Hire a professional team once or twice a year to check the technical parts of your air conditioner and ensure the proper functioning of your system. Negligence in maintenance can increase your energy consumption and decrease the efficiency of your system. 

Air conditioner filters:

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner filter offer a clean environment inside of your house, and it keeps your system’s functions perfect. 

A clogged and dirty filter is one of the common issues that can lower the performance of your system. It also impacts the air quality in your house. Due to the clogged filter, the airflow gets obstructed, and dirt starts accumulating on the evaporator coil, decreasing the heating absorbing efficiency of the coil. Replace the air filter to reduce the energy consumption of your system. Find the best Mitsubishi HVAC service provider and let an expert handle the maintenance if you do not have the time.

Depending on the type of AC you have, the maintenance of your system will be performed. If your system has a reusable air filter, you can clean and use the filter multiple times. However, many systems need the replacement of filters.

Air conditioner coils:

Your air conditioner has two coils – an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. They collect dirt when you are using your system without maintaining it. Although a clean filter can reduce the dirt accumulation on the coil, an evaporator coil can still collect dirt over time. Check the evaporator coil every year and clean the coil to avoid problems in the heat absorption process. 

The outdoor condenser coil is another area that needs your attention. Clean the surrounding area of the outdoor unit of your system to avoid dust and dirt accumulation.

Coil fins:

Coil fins are made of aluminum, and they get bent easily and obstruct the airflow. You can buy a fin comb to bring the coil fins in the best conditions. 

Condensate drains:

A clogged drain is harmful to your air conditioning system. It stops the system from lowering the humidity level. This issue also causes damage to your wall. Hire experienced Mitsubishi HVAC distributors who can solve any air conditioner problem easily.

When you need a professional:

Your air conditioner needs special maintenance that cannot be handled without technical knowledge. An experienced team will inspect everything and offer you the best solution to take care of your system. If your regular maintenance seems not enough to enhance the performance of your air conditioner, you need a professional team. 

An experienced HVAC service provider will check whether your system has enough refrigerant or not. They also identify whether you have any refrigerant leaks or not. All these are important when your AC fails to keep the temperature at the comfort level. 

Miller’s Heating and Air offers the best solution for the maintenance of your heating and cooling system. If you suspect any unusual noise or performance decrease, you can contact Miller’s Heating and Air to get quick services for your problem.

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