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Thinking of IB? Here’s all that you must know

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a globally known educational program that stresses intercultural awareness, care, and enrichment. It consists of three primary programs, teaching students how to think critically, with six topic tests at the end. IB schools in India aspire to provide a demanding and comprehensive education that prepares future adults to improve the world via cross-cultural communication, understanding, and respect. 

When was IB established? 

The International Baccalaureate Organization is an educational resource that connects faculty to best-in-class leadership, teaching, and learning practices through a professional development network. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, 1968, IB as a non-profit educational foundation aims at international students preparing for university. It is similar to IGCSE School in India. 

Three IB disciplinary program 

  • Program for the Primary Years (PYP)

The PYP is for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. It provides an interesting and challenging foundation for all children, based on research and best practices from throughout the world. This curriculum meets academic demands as well as social, physical, emotional, and cultural development, with a focus on the child’s overall growth. The PYP is built on a commitment to guided inquiry: learning becomes engaging and relevant when students ask questions and become self-directed.


  • Middle School Students Program (MYP)

For students in grades 6 to 10, the MYP combines academic excellence with opportunities to interact with others around the globe. As part of a IGCSE School in India, MYP students learn to critically assess personal and global challenges while refining their learning styles. Within the context of three core concepts: holistic/global education, communication, and intercultural awareness, students learn the information and skills necessary to contribute successfully and ethically in a changing world.

  • Diploma Programme of the IB (DP)

The DP is a demanding two-year curriculum for students in their senior year of high school. Students receive a certificate and an IB Diploma, which is regarded as the gold standard in education around the world. The DP teaches the abilities of oral communication, writing, research, and analysis that are required for success. It also encourages kids to be well-rounded by requiring them to participate in Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS), which exposes them to activities outside of the classroom and broadens their awareness of themselves and their surroundings.

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IB schools in India are the ideal passport in an increasingly global society, as it is recognized all over the world. Given its worldwide focus, emphasis on student-centered learning, and recognition by the world’s most prestigious universities, the IB has become the first option for schools as technological, economic, and social breakthroughs has revolutionized the world. 


Do IB students consistently outperform other students?

Yes, students in the IB program develop strong academic, social, and emotional traits.

Is it true that IB students are critical thinkers?

Learners in the IB program are encouraged to think critically, solve complicated problems, and take charge of their education.

What is the vision of the IB program?

Students should have a well-rounded academic journey that empathizes their critical thinking and exposes them to a diversity of points of view, according to the objective of the International Baccalaureate programs.

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