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Spiti is a place for people who want to experience true nature. It is at an altitude of 12,500ft, giving a heavenly experience with a beautiful sight. It attracts more than a thousand people every year. It is home to many monasteries rich in culture and heritage. It is at a height that makes Spiti valley a cold desert valley in India. Visitors can experience winter-like colds even in the summer season. It hardly receives sun rays throughout the year.


Spiti valley is heaven for adventurous people and daredevils. There are numerous activities you can plan to do during the trip. The nature and climatic conditions are very comfortable to explore the area. The glaciers, snowy mountains, rivers and forests are the perfect spots for vacation. Here are lists of things to do in Spiti valley.

  • River Rafting
  • Pin Valley National Park
  • Buddhist Monasteries
  • Camping
  • Village Of Giu
  • Baralacha Pass
  • Star Gazing
  • World’s Highest Post Office
  • Nako Village Walk
  • Stay At A Homestay



 In the Spiti river, rafting is the most thrilling experience. The scenic beauty of both rivers with surrounding mountains. The junction of two rivers, Pin and Spiti, offers a wonderful spot for visitors with rafting experiences. The best time to visit is from March to June in the summer and during winter from October to February.



 Pin Valley National Park is in Kaza valley in Himachal Pradesh. The distance is 31km from Kaza to Pin valley. It is a beautiful and heavenly feeling which is very calm and glorious to experience. It is at a higher altitude and the temperature makes it inhabitable to many endangered animals like the snow leopard and Siberian Fox etc. It has many medicinal plants and is claimed to be endangered. The best time to explore its glorious sight is from July to October.



Spiti has numerous famous Buddhist monasteries which are old and rich in heritage. The Key monastery, Tnagyud Gompa, Kungri Gompa, Dhankar, Kibber, Tabo. The Tabo monastery is a recognised national historic treasure of India. The Key Monastery is the largest in Spiti valley and one of the largest in India. Here, tourists feel sanctified and devoted to Buddhism. They can take a tour to learn about Tibetian Buddhism, their worshipping, and history.



In Spiti valley, camping is perfect for camping with family and friends. The location is suitable for spending time in woods with greenery, rivers, and mountains are very calming. There are campsites with all the necessary facilities for refreshments. There are many fun activities like riding a bike, trekking, various games, etc.



 It is at an altitude of 10,000ft and is popularly known for its panoramic beauty. Giu village is a small remote village with hardly 60 households. It was unknown until tourists started to visit to look at the mummy. There is a 500 years old mummy which is well preserved in the village of Giu and helped to gain popularity.



 Baralacha La is at an altitude of 16,040ft in the Zanskar range. It is an 8 km long pass and is loved by trekkers while crossing. It has a jaw-dropping view which is enjoyed while travelling. It is one of the famous passes in the Ladakh region. The most suitable period to see the zone is from April to October. The best month to relish the Baralacha La pass is June. Due to safety reasons, the visit to this route is prohibited during winter and monsoon.



The clear sky at night in Spiti valley is incredible 

for stargazing. It has become immensely famous among stargazers. It is a very enchanting and perfect night activity. You can lie down and enjoy the cosmos for hours without disturbances.



The World’s Highest Post Office, that is the Hikkim post office, is the only connection with the world in Spiti valley. It is at an altitude of 4400m. The postman travels 46km regularly on foot across the mountain.



Spiti valley is a remote place in Himachal Pradesh that is still unexplored by humans. There is untouched natural habitat. It has an enchanting beauty that is hard to express in words. It is getting popularised by local visitors. It is at a higher altitude which makes it a cold dessert. The climate is most suitable during the summer. In winter, it is very challenging to travel 

on these dangerous, slippery and snow-covered routes.


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