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Kamshet is a hill station located in the district of Pune. It is in the Western ghat and surrounded by beautiful scenic features. It is 45km from the town. It is a small village that is full of pleasing sights for visitors. Kamshet is famously known as the Paragliding paradise of India. It has camping, trekking and adventure trip. It is a must-visit place for a weekend with friends and family or self-relaxation. The locations are full of sightseeing for tourists


Kamshet is a famous place to visit, with many options available to reach your destination. Pune is the nearest to Kamshet as it is 45km away. Travellers can drive to the place, take around an hour by road. Through Mumbai, it will take around 102km to Kamshet. From Lonavala, it is 19km. Through the railway, from Mumbai, trains are available. You can travel to Kamshet through the old Mumbai-Pune route, then book a jeep to the paragliding location.


The weather condition of Kamshet is the semi-hot and dry kind. The temperature varies from 19 to 33 degrees. The hottest months are April and May, reaching 42 degrees of temperature. The winter is extreme here. The temperature falls to 10 degrees at night. During the daytime, the temperature is around 26 degrees. From December to February, the temperature is between 12 to 33 degrees. During the months, the climatic circumstances are very satisfying to enjoy the locations. It is the most satisfactory period for Kamshet.


Kamshet is one of the best paragliding spots in India because of its ideal climatic condition and highly appropriate geography. The height of the location is best for adventures and flying in the air. 

For paragliding, there are certified instructors available to help and guide. The person who wants to participate in paragliding must be fit and healthy both physically and mentally. The age limit is 12 to 65 years. A person must weigh between 25 to 90kg. The participants under the age of 18 must have their parents’ consent and one adult while flying. Some of the other best paragliding zones are Shinde Wadi Hills, Tower Hill, Shelar and Kondeshwar Cliff. 


Kamshet is famous for especially paragliding. The location is fantastic to fly to troll its flora and fauna through the delightful ambience. Through paragliding, you can visit Vadivali lake, Uksan village. The natural beauty is thrilling. Apart from it, the nearby places are satisfactory for visiting. Here is a list of places to explore by tourists. 

  • Pawna lake
  • Shinde wadi hills
  • Bhandara dongar
  • Bedsa caves
  • Kondeshwar temple

The Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is 17km from the Kamshet railway station. The lake is encircled by mountains giving an incredible picture to appreciate. The clean lake water and the sky offer the ideal vibes for camping and leisure time with family.

Shinde Wadi Hills

Shinde wadi hills is a well-known site for paragliding. Here both beginner and expert gliders can ride. It has a suitable height of 200ft for taking off. It is 2km away from the Kamshet area. The sunrise and sunset view from Shinde Wadi hills are very captivating. It is green with a cool breeze to feel nature with your soul.


Bhandara Dongar

Bhandara Dongar is a hilltop that gives you a stunning panorama of scenery. It is 23km from Kamshet. There is an old temple of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. He was a spiritual poet who loved nature. 

Bedsa Caves

Bedsa Caves are a group of Buddhist rock-cut caves from the 1st century. There is a Buddhist shrine and veranda with tall pillars having beautiful craving century-old art of animals and riders. The caves of Bedsa are important Buddhist caves architecture in India.

Kondeshwar Temple

Kondeshwar Temple is a famous ancient Lord Shiva temple made of black stones. It is inside a dense forest and can reach after hiking. There is a waterfall near the temple that is ravishing. The sound of the waterfall breaks the calmness of the temple. Visitors spend a moment to feel the calm that cools down their bodies and gives them peace.



Kamshet is a lovely hill station. It has full of picturesque spots like waterfalls, monasteries, beautiful temples, and hills which makes the location a symbol of peacefulness. It is also famously known as the capital of paragliding in India because the height of Kamshet is perfect for take-offs. There are places best for trekking and camping. Many nearby exploring places like lakes, caves, forts, and temples with ancient history. The climatic condition is ideal for spending leisure time with friends, colleagues and family as a weekend trip.


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