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Thing to do in Kashmir

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Kashmir is the northernmost part of India. It is basically a Union Territory from 31 October 2019 and before that it considers a part of state Jammu and Kashmir.  It is also known as The Paradise of the world.Kashmir is adorned with magnificent Chinar trees. Which colour the entire valley yellow and scarlet in the fall.Silver lakes that turn golden at sunrise, and crystal blue rivers that flow from the cold mountains. It’s been the best place for tourists who love the natural green environment.

Kashmir temperature

The temperature is generally colder in the steep parts compared to the flat bottom part of the valley due to major variances in Geo-location across distinct districts.

Kashmir transforms into a magnificent snow wonderland throughout the winter. Swoon over the snowy countryside and fluffy snowflakes falling over the breathtaking sights. Kashmir’s beautiful snowy winters are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The lakes of Kashmir are one of the best things there it is, Kashmir’s lakes are crystal clear, gorgeous, and unspoiled. A boat trip on the lakes, with towering mountains in the background, will show you why Kashmir is truly a paradise.

When we talk about Kashmir culture then it is mostly influenced my Islamic, Parisians, Buddhism and Hinduism. The festivals that are celebrated by Kashmiri Hindu’s are Shivrathri, Gaad batt, Pann, Nevreh. Kashmiri or Koshur is mostly spoken by local people of Kashmir:

The Bharata Natya Shastra is an ancient encyclopaedic book on the arts that began in Kashmir and has inspired Indian dance, music, and literary traditions.

Rice has been the primary diet of Kashmiris from ancient times. Despite being Brahmins, the majority of Kashmiri Pandits consume meat.

Undoubtedly the most important part of Kashmiri cuisine is Wazwan. It is a multi-course feast in Kashmiri cuisine, whose preparation is regarded as an art form and a source of pride in Kashmiri culture and identity. With the exception of a few vegetarian recipes.Noon Chai or seer Chai is also very famous in Kashmir which is a must try.

The greatest season to visit Kashmir is from March to August, and if you want your vacation to be unforgettable, you should go during this period.

Things to do in Kashmir:

1) Shikara Ride: 

Without a doubt, the experience that a Shikara ride would provide a visitor is unrivalled. One interesting story about shikara is that in the past, it was illegal for any outsiders of state domicile to buy land in Kashmir. As a result, businessmen came up with the idea of building hotels and resorts on boats themselves, thus following the law while doing business, and this is how shakira became famous throughout the country. Cost is around INR 100-250.

2) Trekking in Kashmir: 

Trekking has become one of the top things to do in Jammu and Kashmir.Thanks to the abundance of mountains that blanket the terrain. Tourists may go on short treks and excursions in the valleys of Kashmir. Vishansar Lake, Tarsar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Alpather Lake, and Satsar Lake are only a few of Kashmir’s high-altitude alpine lakes.

Trekking has become one of the finest things to do in Kashmir for nature lovers . The ultimate view from the summit, no matter how long the hike takes, will undoubtedly be beautiful.

3) Apharwat Peak:

 Gulmarg’s Apharwat Peak is Asia’s longest ski slope and a popular tourist destination. Apharwat  at 4390 metres  is one of Gulmarg’s most spectacular peaks .The second stage of the Gulmarg Gondola connects it to Kongdori Valley . The ropeway took 15 minutes to reach this lovely peak. Which provides explorers with not only superb skiing, sleighing, and snowboarding opportunities, but also amazing vistas.. This famed Gulmarg location is also home to the famous Ningle Nallah, which is a sight to see.


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