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The muncipal sports and recreational services management plan

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The development of sports and recreation on municipal roads supposes a constant adjustment between the demand and the offer that is presented, therefore, its planning must allow a temporary agility for the two years of validity of the appointment of the Committees, but that it is also projected for the following years as part of the municipal commitments and of the incoming Committees, thereby seeking to guarantee the continuity and sustainability of the programs that have a positive impact on the development of the community itself and of the national policies for the development of the community. sport and recreation.

Likewise, the offer must always be the product of a study of the population’s needs, potential or real, considering the set of variables that act, such as traditions, trends, natural resources, ages… of each population. All this will be subject to the municipality’s own resources and the possibilities to generate them.

Now, returning to the business perspective approach as pointed

Out by Martinez (2003, pp.3), for the definition of this service offer, it is necessary to speak and consider the monitoring of four phases such as: objectives, policies, plans and the procedures. Then, within the service planning objectives, the following elements can be specified: profit, productivity, efficiency, survival, continuity, stability, development, growth, adaptation and flexibility, image improvement process, expansion of market share, quality etc But this perspective of work should not be far away or divorced from the focus of the local administration, which has to come out specifically of the 해외스포츠중계 and recreational needs of citizens,

As the next step in this initial planning process where the needs of the canton are detected and with them all the variables that condition them, we are going to define the activity programs, that is, support the activities that are carried out in the canton according to their needs. Particularities and that give content to the service as such. According to Martinez (2003, pp. 4), a good approximation of the needs of the population in the Local Administration can be found through:

Social research procedures applied to sport and social recreation, eg surveys, etc.

Philosophical and physiological approaches to human needs

Consequences of the concepts: sport for all, physical activity for health, sport and recreation for a better quality of life; from the analysis of political philosophy.

Sport, recreation, and its relationship with health

On the other hand, according to the context, this offer of programs and activities provided by the Committees should not compete with the private one, in such a way that they interfere or drown each other. Rather, it must reach those sectors that are not reached by private supply and in any case become a service that meets citizen demands, especially the most disadvantaged sectors.

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