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The 10 Different Types of Custom Sign Printing

Custom Sign Printing
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Printed signs are an effective way to promote your business or event, and there are several ways you can go about this. Custom sign printing gives you the option of designing your own message from scratch or working with an artist to tweak an existing design. Here’s a guide to the different types of custom sign printing available to you, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

1) Vinyl Cut Signs

Vinyl cut signs are made from sheets of vinyl that are cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re commonly used to create storefronts and wayfinding signage, since they can be changed without having to make any alterations to fixed structures.

2) Rigid Plastic Signs

Rigid plastic signs, like plastic sandwich boards, are an ideal choice for any professional. Their sturdiness means they’re weather-resistant and durable for long-term use. When you have messages that need to be seen for a long time—like an election campaign or product launch—use rigid plastic signs to get your point across.

3) Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are a fantastic option for any business that is interested in environmentally friendly signage. Aluminum signs are long-lasting and won’t fade. They also tend to be lighter than wooden or plastic signs, so they’re easier to move and store. Not only that, but aluminum signs are created with a powder coating which makes them more durable and allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions.

4) Magnetic Signs

These signs feature a strong magnet and are often used for their ability to attract potential customers. Magnetic signs are also easy to remove and relocate, making them flexible in terms of placement. They are available in every color imaginable and can be printed with 2-D or 3-D designs. These signs use UV-cured inks which ensure that they will not fade, peel or crack over time. They’re also weatherproof so they’ll maintain their appearance in any climate.

5) Safety Signs

Safety signs can be used to mark things like fire exits, no smoking areas, or other areas that could pose a safety hazard. It’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on your employees and visitors alike; ensure that everyone is aware of what they should (and shouldn’t) be doing while in your facility. This will allow you to prevent accidents from occurring. Furthermore, by including safety signs around your building you will create an overall better workplace environment.

6) Decals

If you’re looking for something inexpensive that won’t damage your walls or take up too much space, consider decals. These are cheap and quick to apply and remove. But may not be quite as durable as other custom sign printing methods. The benefit here is versatility; you can easily move a sticker from one location to another if it doesn’t work out, or change its size or shape as needed.

7) Door Signs

Door signs are a great low-cost marketing option that provides an opportunity to leave your brand on a very visible location. These signs should be strategically placed above or beside your business’s doors, and be clear and easy to read. Keep it short but sweet! Door signs are one of the least expensive forms of signage you can use to draw attention to your business. A well-designed door sign can show customers what you do or what you offer in just a few words and graphics.

8) Reflective Stickers

From bumper stickers to helmet decals, reflective stickers can make a statement while keeping you safe on the road. These stickers are especially useful at night and in inclement weather. They also make great ghost signs that leave a visual reminder behind even when doors are closed or windows are fogged up. This type of sign is popular for small businesses that want to convey their brand anywhere – even when they’re not open!

9) Neon Signs

These attract attention from their high-visibility, yet soft glow. This is often a good choice for outdoor signs, especially ones that are hard to read from a distance. The most commonly used material for neon signs is acrylic plastic; however, it’s also possible to get metal signs made with neon illumination in them. Signs are available in different sizes and shapes, including triangular and octagonal shapes as well as straight rectangle-shaped pieces. They can be single or double sided too.

10) Screen Printed Banners

These are by far one of our most popular options for custom sign printing. If you need a large display banner or just a quick and easy way to print something short-term, these are an excellent choice. Screen printed banners are printed directly onto your material using screens and inks. We use only high quality outdoor vinyl materials, which means that your banners will stand up to UV rays and even moisture when properly installed.

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