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Sports Advertising Industry

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It grew by 12.5% ​​in 2017, supported by millions of companies, large and small around the world, investing in and strengthening their branded companies through events, competitions, teams, clubs and athletes. In fact, the mix of brands and sports is even different, without success, not only for the company, but also against the big companies. And that was in 2018 alone, when sports funding increased by 12.5% ​​and reached 255,000 million dollars, according to information published in an international publication. The head of the sports industry, Euromericans Sport, replied.

Good hope.

These figures are only a small part of the demands that the sports industry creates. At the end of 2018, the content of traditional advertising increased by 13% compared to an increase in investment in digital companies, which is more than 32%. Similarly, one-third of the benefits go to products placed in 해외축구중계 and its relationship with departments, especially North America. And it is well known that Europe, after the United States and the Super Bowl, the world’s most competitive football club, is the focus of his favorite sports fans. Millions of fans.

What effect does COVID-19 have on sports?

The sports industry was one of the first to suffer from heart disease. By the beginning of 2020, our lives had all changed and imprisonment had led to a crisis in many sports. It was considered a major investment year for economic growth, but the proliferation of sports and delays have forced investors to look for other ways not to lose money or time.

Despite the difficult conditions we have always gone through, the sports industry has grown as a performance that should not be avoided. Whether it’s e-commerce or advertising on Google and Facebook, it can prevent trouble. Many companies and retailers have focused on selling NBA products without much loss, but have not continued their growth forecasts for the year due to high demand for small residents looking for other ways to stay at home.

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