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Slow play strategy

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These situations tend to occur particularly at the end of games that have lasted a long time, and it is primarily necessary to try not to be the ones who fall into it.

Slow-Play requires a lot of mettle, being a strategy conceived especially for when you have very good cards , such as a pair of aces. Thus, given the very high probability that the combination will be a winner, it is about the opponents entering the rag with high bets.

To do this, low bets are made with an eye to another player being able to add them to less powerful hands, trying to preserve nerves of steel if the opponent raises the bet, and dissimulate by delaying in matching it with the aim that he continues to increase it until the end. end, when you go on the attack with an exponential raise or even bet everything, with great possibilities that the rival is forced to gotaking into account the amounts that have already been deposited.

Aggressive strategy

It can give a lot of returns if it is maintained in a sustained way , particularly if your opponents are novices, so in case the beginner is you, you should know how to defend yourself against it.

It basically consists of raising all the bets that are made at the table, whether you have good cards or you have to resort to bluffing. This strategy seeks to intimidate the rival , putting in value the experience of the player who is used to playing with those amounts of money against the inexperienced rookie who is not used to it.

Anesthetize the emotions

A strategy that is always a winner in any variety of poker is the control of emotions , let’s talk about the euphoria when winning an important hand to the downturn when losing another of similar substance, not to mention the frustration that can lead to fall into tilt attitudes . Likewise, it is also advisable to avoid clashes with other players, and better still try to take 홀덤사이트 of these situations in our favor from the most absolute coldness.

All these strategic tips are used to play in the best casinos in Las Vegas, for games of Texas Hold’em online or for the scams that you can organize with your friends, since the game always has the same rules and the only thing that can vary is the format and the players. We hope that the recommendations have been useful to you and remember that moderation , in addition to always being a fundamental guideline, is always a winning strategy.

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