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Robert Nico Martinelli – How Will You Know That It Is Time for You to Gear Up for Retirement?

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Businessman Brainstorming About Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement is one of the most wonderful phases in your life. You have been devoted to your work and earned rewards and recognition. Now is the time for you to sit back and enjoy your life in peace with your loved ones and the hobbies that you have always wanted to do.

However, you should ensure that you have financial woes during the retirement phase. Most people regret that they did not plan for their retirement properly, and this is where they face problems in the future.

Robert Nico Martinelli – Make retirement comfortable

Robert Nico Martinelli is an expert in the field of retirement tax planning, and he helps people understand how they can have a comfortable life after retirement with success. According to him, these problems can be avoided with proper planning and some effort on your part. The steps have to be followed properly, and this will help you save many years of misery and insecurity when it comes to finances.

The following are two effective steps for a secure and planned retirement-

  1. Save- As the saying goes, better late than never. You should begin to save now every month. There are employee matching programs that you can take advantage of. They generally come with IRAs or a retirement plan. For them, you do not have to contribute the optimal amount. However, you have to contribute a minimum amount for matching the contribution.

The thought of setting aside a portion of your money means that you have less money to spend right now, but the assurance that your retirement will be taken care of is reassuring. If you are putting aside 5% of your salary and earning $50,000 per year, this means that you are placing aside $1,500 every year. This might not seem like a lot, but it sure will result in a lot of money if you do this for ten years.

  1. Never stop contributions even when you are nearing investment- You should continue making these contributions even when you are nearing retirement. There are thoughts that since you are close to your retirement date, you do not have to put that extra money away. This might cross your mind when you think you have saved enough; however, even if you make these contributions, it will get you into the habit of saving.

Having an investment account helps, and this does not have to be complicated. You can just set some money every month to buy mutual funds or stocks. Even if you put aside $100 every month, this will grow into a neat sum of money, provided you do it for many years.

According to Robert Nico Martinelli, the money you are putting aside for your retirement is your own money. Never feel guilty that you are putting aside your money for investments. However, make sure you know your risks well before putting your funds into any sort of investment.

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