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Red Light Therapy Benefits For Skin You May Not Know

Red light therapy
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Red light therapy is effective in treating mild skin acne. It rejuvenates the skin, tightens the contours, fights inflammation, and reduces redness. How do you use it? What are the top devices available?

This type of treatment is very popular in beauty salons to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. What is the process? It’s safe? Does Red Light Therapy Help Acne? We will cover everything you need before you try this strange device.


How does red light therapy work?

This therapy uses a particular wavelength of natural light with special therapeutic benefits. It is simply a combination of light-emitting diodes, (LEDs), that emit infrared heat and light.

The wavelength of light (the rainbow colors) is made up of a spectrum that includes ultraviolet (UV), infrared (which our eyes can’t distinguish), and visible light.

Low wavelengths are used in red light therapy, which is considered to be bioactive in human cells. This treatment enhances cell function directly.

The treatment improves skin oxygenation, and circulation and repairs damaged tissues. Thanks to the direct increase of collagen, you will see a radiant, glowing complexion and healthy, compact skin.

Red light reduces inflammation and small lesions, as well as defeating bacteria naturally found on the skin.


What are the benefits of red light therapy?


Acne can often be accompanied by mild inflammation. Red light therapy reduces inflammation by soothing redness and reducing sebum production. This treatment is not effective for moderate to severe acne.

Acne-affected skin may have a compromised skin barrier. This can sometimes be exacerbated by some topical treatments. Patients with sensitive skin can tolerate red light as long as it is gentle.



This therapy has a popular anti-aging benefit. Numerous studies have supported this effect. It increases collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acids in the skin.

This helps to tone the face and reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and pore size. The external agents can cause skin damage and photoaging, so the red light helps to counteract this effect.


Wound healing

Are you looking to remove a scar? It can reduce scar tissue by stimulating circulation and bringing more oxygen into the area.


Cold sores

Are you suffering from recurrent cold sores (oral herpes simplex virus)? This type of injury is treated with it. It speeds up healing and reduces pain.


Hair loss

This treatment is also effective in combating alopecia (in particular androgenetic hair loss).

Attention! This light doesn’t work for all subjects. The red light should be used only in the very early stages of hair loss or in cases that are less severe.


What should you expect from a red light therapy treatment

It is painless and you will only feel a slight warmth on your skin.


Possible side effects and contraindications

The use of red light therapy is generally safe. Eye fatigue is one of the side effects we have seen, but it is mild.



All skin types can benefit from red light therapy, even the most sensitive. It can improve the overall appearance of your skin and slow down the appearance of the most feared signs of aging. It is possible to make your skin look younger.


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