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Questions to Ask About Adult Circumcision Surgery Benefits

adult circumcision surgery
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Every surgical procedure has its medical benefits that patients need to understand before undergoing it. Sometimes patients are not afraid of going for a major surgery but can get extremely anxious and confused when having minor ones like adult circumcision surgery.

What Questions to Ask About Adult Circumcision Surgery Benefits?

Several individuals have many misconceptions about the surgery because they do not favor circumcision surgery. In these people’s view, it violates human rights as there is no benefit to this surgery. But some patients contact the surgeons and ask the following questions about the benefits of this surgical procedure.

Will the Surgery Reduce Spread of STDs and STIs?

Circumcision surgery involves the penis, which can be the cause of several medical issues that include sexually transmitted diseases and infections when not taken care of. When the foreskin of the penis is removed, men can take better care of their hygiene. Thus, reducing the spread of STIs and STDs.

Is the Surgical Procedure Helpful for Lowering HIV Risk?

HIV is the abbreviation of human immunodeficiency virus, known to attack the immune system. This is the same virus that is the cause of developing AIDS. The growth of this virus can decrease when men keep their penis clean, which can happen after the surgery.

Are Foreskin Issues Decreased through Circumcision Surgery for Adults?

Your penis can also experience serious issues because your foreskin has become tight and can be pulled up or down. The main issues that men can face include Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Balanitis, and Balanoposthitis. You can see the difference between phimosis before and after and a decrease in swelling, infection, inflammation, and dryness after the surgery.

Can Penile Cancer be Avoided?

There are several reasons why cancerous cells develop in the body. One of which is poor hygiene conditions. Men can avoid having penile and prostate cancer and transferring cervical cancer cells to their partners by maintaining good hygiene.

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How can Hygiene be Maintained?

Most of the medical benefits from circumcision surgery are mentioned above are associated with keeping the penis clean. An uncircumcised person will not be able to clean the penis as the skin covers the tip properly. But it is easy for circumcised men to maintain their hygiene.

Why are Children Circumcised in Some Communities?

It is not known yet why some religions and communities sued to circumcise new-born and young boys. But it was a tradition in the Jewish and Muslim communities. Some African tribes used this procedure as a custom to tell that the boy had entered manhood.

Will the Size of Penis Change After the Surgery?

There is no scientific conclusion that the penis size will change after the surgery. When you go to clinics like Circumcision Center for surgery, the foreskin is removed that only covers the tip. So, there is no change in the size of the penis.

Are There Advantages of using the Latest Devices?

The latest devices are designed so the patient feels less pain and there is minimal loss of blood. It has been advised by surgeons to use these devices for those patients who feel anxious about the surgery.

What Complications Can Patients Experience?

After the surgery, complications like swelling, inflammation, infection, bleeding, and redness are expected. So, patients don’t have to worry about them, as these normally occur after every surgery.

How to Take Care of Patient after the Surgical Procedure?

Before taking the patients to the operation theatre, the surgeon gives a few instructions to help them take care of afterwards. These instructions include avoiding rigorous exercising, not taking blood-thinning medications, and refraining from smoking and drinking.

What Kinds of Stitches can be Used?

Surgeons use mainly two types of stitches afterwards; these are dissolvable and normal. Patients don’t have to visit the surgeon to remove dissolvable ones. A surgeon is trained and experienced to remove the normal stitches, so visit a clinic for the proper removal.

When can the Normal Routine be Carried on?

It might take three to four weeks for the adult circumcision surgery wound to heal. So, no rigorous exercise other than walking is recommended during this time.

These are some questions that patients should ask when they want to know about the benefits of circumcision surgery.

Below are three questions about the age of having the surgery, can it be done at home, and the health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get circumcised at 35?

Yes, you can get adult circumcision surgery at the age of thirty-five. Even newly born baby boys have the surgery. Adults of the age of sixty are also eligible to have the surgery.

Can I do circumcision at home?

No, it is not advised to have the surgery at home because no medical care facilities can be arranged at home. Also, sometimes emergencies occur that might need extra care and consultation with other doctors and surgeons.

Does circumcision have health benefits?

The health benefits you get after circumcision include reducing the risk of having STDs, STIs, and UTIs and avoiding having penile and prostate cancer. These benefits can be gained when the penis is clean, which is possible after the surgery.

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