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Prerequisites and Eligibility Criteria of PMI- PBA Certification

PMI PBA prerequisites
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The PMI-PBA certification is one of PMI’s most popular, demonstrating your proficiency in all aspects of business analysis, from needs analysis to requirements management and solution evaluation. PMI-PBA certificate holders are recognised professionals in the PBA sector, trusted for the most critical projects, and show dedication to the profession, which gives them an essential competitive advantage with employers. PMI certifications are becoming more widely recognised as premier accreditations in the sectors of business and management. Obtaining a PMI-PBA certification can assist you in gaining practical skills for business analysis and project management functions, as well as highlighting your capabilities to employers. Continue reading to find out more about PMI PBA prerequisites.

The PMI-PBA Prerequisites

To be eligible to take the certification exam, you must first meet a number of requirements and know the PMI PBA certification cost. These requirements serve as a starting point for your study and guarantee that you are familiar with the exam content. These requirements take into consideration formal education, business analysis training, and hours of field experience. 

However, some of the experience criteria for the exam are waived if you have a bachelor’s degree. If you have an associate’s degree or a high school diploma, you can still take the test if you complete the additional hours of experience requirements. The qualifications are listed below in order of their importance. To earn the PMI-PBA certification, applicants must complete certain eligibility requirements, including passing a difficult exam. 

Eligibility requirements

The key to your success, like with any significant test, will be in your preparation and study. It would benefit you to examine the principles of management and business analysis as you reflect on your work experience, past training, and schooling. You must also be familiar with the PMI PBA certification cost

  • 35 hours of study in business analysis procedures (completed by PMI-PBA certification training course) Bachelor’s degree or universal equivalent
  • 36 months of working as a business analyst (you must be acquired within the last 8 years)


  • 35 hours of instruction in business analysis practices (satisfied by Watermark Learning’s PMI-PBA certification training course) High school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent
  • Working as a business analyst for at least 60 months (Experience must be earned within the last 8 years)

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The PMI-PBA is a very useful and adaptable credential. To earn this certification, you must meet a series of PMI PBA prerequisites and pass a comprehensive test covering the fundamentals of business analysis. Passing this exam verifies that you possess the necessary abilities and knowledge to succeed in this position.


How many questions are asked in the PMI-PBA test? 

The PMI-PBA test has 200 multiple-choice questions that cover the five domains of business analysis knowledge.

What are the 5 domains of business analysis knowledge? 

Needs assessment (18%), planning (22%), analysis (35%), traceability and monitoring (15%), and evaluation (15%) are among them (10 percent).

What are the knowledge and the skills the test focuses on?

Contingency planning, documentation management tools and techniques, reporting tools and techniques, and more are some of the information and abilities that will be tested in the exam.

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