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Phrases About Karma

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Do you believe in karma? Do you think that every action has its own reaction? Then take a look at these short phrases of karma and reflect with them on how you are behaving with others.

If you still did not know this word, you should know that karma is that invisible force that governs human existence paying people with the same currency that they paid in the past. That is, according to this doctrine, if you are a good person, your life will be rewarded with happiness and good news, but if you misbehave with the people around you, turn your anger on them or your actions are treacherous, karma will be He will ensure that your future is just as dark as your actions: misfortune, heartbreak and sadness.

We have a lot to learn from Karma Sayings and its lessons that are why today I have focused on compiling different karmic phrases that I hope will be of interest to you. There are more serious, but also funny. And don’t forget to leave us yours in the comments!

The best phrases of karma

To start, here is a series of phrases about karma, love, friendship and other aspects of life with which you can reflect. In this way, you will not only come into contact with karmic discipline, but you will also understand that in life you have to learn to be good people and, above all, to forgive.

  • You can only get fruits from those seeds that you have planted.
  • If you’ve been hurt, venting your anger won’t calm things down, but love will give you hope.
  • Inner peace is the gift for understanding hearts.
  • Karma is like homeostasis: a source of proportion and harmony.
  • Economic abundance can turn into poverty when you lack goodness in your soul.
  • Everything you say, what you do, has a direct consequence on your life.
  • Take revenge and you will sentence your own death.
  • If you give yourself body and soul for what you believe in, karma will ensure that it ends up happening.
  • If you are generous, the world will return its generosity.
  • Everything you give, no matter if you do good or bad, will come back to you multiplied by ten.
  • Don’t run from who you are. If you don’t like yourself, change your way of being.
  • Karma trades anger for a life filled with sadness and loneliness.
  • Revenge is a dish that you will also eat from.
  • From karma you can learn that the conflicts created can be resolved by yourself.
  • Hurting someone who has hurt you lowers you to the position of the one who has hurt you.
  • Karma is giving what you want to receive. There’s no more.
  • Resentment is like a boomerang that ends up hitting you.
  • Be kind and everything else will take care of itself.
  • It is worrying that vengeful people are never satisfied with their revenge.
  • Your only rival is your behavior with others.

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