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Mobile Fixing Myths Debunked by Cell Phone Repair Store

Cell Phone Repair Store
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What is the worst thing that can happen to people who own a cell phone? Their devices abruptly stop working or have some mechanical issues. They immediately visit a cell phone repair store to correct whatever problem the experts diagnose.

Cell Phone Repair Store Now Debunks Myths

But some individuals have spread myths about mobile repairing. These people might be workers of different mobile companies who want people to buy new versions and not spend less on repairs. These individuals have spread the following myths about cell phone repair.

All Data is Erased

It is not true because some types of repair will not require a factory-restoration system. If the buttons are damaged, the batteries are not working, or the screen is broken, the repair expert will not touch the erasing data system.

Contract Manufacture for Repairs 

Sometimes the damage done to the cell phone is so extensive that you have to take the cell phone to an outlet of the manufacturer for repairs. But it is not always that you have to visit the manufacturer. Cell mechanics in Winnipeg can repair the issue.

Water Damage Can’t be Revived

The damage done to the cell phone when it falls into the water can be on a large scale, but it is revivable, unlike the myth that has been spread. First, you have to turn off the phone and remove the batteries and memory card. Try to dry up the phone as much as possible and take it to a good repair shop.

Rice Best Absorbs Moisture Inside

Uncooked rice can absorb the moisture of the outer casing but not from the inside. It would help if you did not burry the phone into raw rice; instead, take the device to a good apple repair shop in Winnipeg for proper repairing.

Fixing the Phone Yourself is Convenient

It is a habit of all users to try to fix their cell phones. They restart their phones, activate the restoration system, replace the old batteries, and even update it. These are harmless tries to fix your mobiles. But you should avoid using tools like screwdrivers, tweezers, spudgers, mobile opening tools, wire cutters, toothbrushes for cleaning, and soldering iron.

Repairing Mobile Will be Highly-Priced

The price of repairs depends on the extent of damage done. Sometimes the repairs are to the screen, the casing can be damaged, or the battery is faulty, which are not expensive. But on many occasions, damage is done to the mechanism of the mobile phone, and costly than buying a new phone seems a wise choice.

Cracked Screen is Not a Big Issue

According to phone repair experts at shops like APEX Mobile, a broken screen will disable the touch system. Minor scratches and cracks will not cause much damage but ignoring them can increase the risk of further damage.

Third-Party Cell Phone Repair in Winnipeg will Void Warranty

You have to check with the warranty details which repair is not covered. Cell phone owners can go to third-party repair shops for fixing issues that are not under warranty. These repairs will not void the warranty.

Repairing will Change your Phone

The cell phone mechanics will replace the same motherboard or spare parts of the mobile. So, there will be no changes in your cell. The mobile will not work properly; if the original motherboard is replaced with another mobile type.

Repair Shops will Invade Mobile Privacy

Yes, it is a big concern that the mechanic will see the emails, contact info, photos, videos, social media accounts, and phone call records. But it is not always that privacy is invaded. If you are worried about the data, it is best to erase everything.

Time for Repair is Extensive

Not all types of repairs take ample time as minor issues like screen replacement, battery change, and collaboration can take a couple of days. Even fixing the motherboard takes a week or at least two.

Buying a Phone will be Favourable

If the repair cost is estimated in the price range of a new cell phone, then it is wise to buy a new cell phone. But this is not favourable for minor repairs.

You must know these myths that a cell phone repair store has debunked.

Here are three questions that will enhance the concept of mobile repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth repairing the old phone?

If the old phone has minor issues like battery issues, charging problems, the screen is broken, or liquid damage, you can spend an amount on repairs. But if the repairs are higher than usual, repair should be avoided.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a phone?

Repairing the phone for minor damages is a better option than replacement.

Can a smartphone be repaired?

Yes, all types of phones, including smartphones, can be repaired. You can visit a cell phone repair store and show the mobile to mechanics who will determine its issues.

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