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Micro FUE technique, the most advanced in the world applied

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close to home in a hospital environment and with regular monitoring of the treatment.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), is the most advanced procedure for the treatment of baldness, alopecia or scars, in men and women.

In addition to the micro FUE capillary implant technique,

the Rotger Clinic offers patients a complete circuit that includes a free first visit with the specialist and subsequent follow-up with specialized dermatologists, as well as several treatment sessions with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). ) and the latest developments in capillary mesotherapy.A team of Surgeons and Dermatologists who are experts in the most advanced implantation techniques and their follow-up, in a nearby, well-known hospital environment with maximum guarantees.

Follow-up circuit of the results with specialists in Capillary Surgery and Dermatology

The micro FUE technique is the most advanced capillary micrograft procedure that exists. The Rotger Clinic has incorporated expert specialists such as Dr. José María Muñoz and Dr. Antoni Bennàssar to carry out and monitor this procedure with the safety provided by a hospital environment.The circuit of the Implantology Unit of the Rotger Clinic includes personalized assistance with a free first consultation visit , as well as a follow-up protocol once the intervention has been carried out .

The surgeon reviews the evolution during the days

after the implant and later the capillary dermatology team together with the surgeon continue with the follow-up of the patient, applying a platelet-rich plasma treatment that favors the healing of the donor area, protects the Hair transplant Dubai in the implanted area and reinforces the growth of new grafts in the recipient area. The closeness of the patient with his doctor allows immediate attention in the event of any incident.

Specialists with great experience in the micro FUE technique that accredit excellent results

The individual extraction of the follicles from the donor area is carried out with the help of cylindrical microscalpels of less than 1 millimeter that are less invasive and allow to avoid visible scars. For this procedure, local anesthesia is applied, and if necessary, intravenous analgesic treatment.

Generally, follicles are extracted individually from the posterior or lateral area of ​​the scalp, since these areas lack hormone receptors and are therefore genetically programmed to always grow, so that they continue to do so normally when they are grafted in other areas. Once the grafts have been extracted, they are prepared under the microscope and through precise incisions in the desired area, the previously extracted “follicular units” are implanted, together with perifollicular structures, capillary vessels and sebaceous gland. In this step, the skill and experience of the specialist surgeon is essential, who must determine the orientation, depth, angle and distance of each graft, to ensure a natural result, with the desired density and effect.

The FUE technique can be applied to all types of hair, it is used to intervene on large areas or to repopulate incipient receding hairlines, eyebrows or scars, as it is a minimally invasive technique, scars are avoided and it is a safe treatment for the patient. The procedure has an estimated duration of between 4 and 5 hours in which an aesthetic and natural result is achieved.


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