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May Allah bless you

May Allah bless you
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We devotees ought to ask for ourselves as well as ought to appeal to God for our friends and family too. In the event that somebody welcomes you, you additionally ought to welcome him with wonderful and kind words. Best Islamic hello is doing Salam by saying “Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.” and answer hello of this salam “walekum Assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.”
In the event that you are English speaker yet not Arabic then you can add some additional gift dua for your adored one (s) subsequent to doing Salam.

Allah is Arabic word

Allah is Arabic word which implies God in English language. I have gathered Some lovely Quotes and duas with instant messages on “May Allah bless you” in English language. You can involve these messages as Islamic appreciation instant messages to thank your companions, relatives, friends and family or somebody who have helped you. Life is exceptionally short so you ought to continuously leave your, companions, family and friends and family with gift words and Duas. Trust following duas and statements will assist you with hello your family, companions and your friends and family


  • “May Allah favor you with solid Imaan, taqwa, devotion, immaculateness of heart, great habits and great deeds.”
  • “May Allah favor you and all of us with his tranquility and endowments, May Allah leniency on us and answer our each duas, May He(Allah) pardon our wrongdoings, increase our hasanat (Credit for good deeds), award us and our family great wellbeing, satisfaction at each progression of life, May Allah favor us with great individuals around us and distribute a spot for us in jannah.”
  • “it is an extraordinary gift for me to have such an astonishing companions around me like you all who give me support with useful tidbits, consolation and assist me with being noble. May Allah favor you every one of my companions.”
  • “May Allah answer your dua, satisfy your fantasies and favor you and your family generally.”
  • “At the point when birthday comes then We lose one year more from our age and we become one year more close to no end so we want to atone and look for absolution from Allah as opposed to cheering and commending birthday. May Allah favor the individuals who have persistence and frequently apologize.”
  • “May Allah favor you and entire ummah with his direction and Keep us on the way of truth.”
  • “May Allah favor you and keep favoring you generally with harmony and bliss and all the progress in your life of this dunya and in the future.”
  • “We want endowments of Allah generally however in addition to any extraordinary day. I don’t celebrate birthday. I implore Allah favor you generally not simply on birthday.”
  • “May Allah favor you generally. I don’t celebrate birthday. Whenever my birthday comes then I feel miserable on the grounds that one year more is reduction of my life.”
  • “May Allah favor you generally. For me wishing and gift day is generally yet not simply birthday.”
  • “May Allah acknowledge your dua and favor you with solid Imaan, sabr, satisfaction and long age with taqwa.”
  • “May Allah generally guide you and favor you and keep firm you in Islamic confidence.”
  • “May Allah favor you with brilliant day field with harmony and endowments of Allah.”
  • “May Allah acknowledge your dua and favor you with his insurances and direction generally and guard you generally.”
  • “May Allah favor you today and consistently and make you noble.”
  • “May Allah acknowledge your duas and favor you with great wellbeing, riches and progress in each progression in your life.”
  • “My Allah( God) favor you and your family with great wellbeing and long life.”
  • “May Allah favor you with his benevolence and Barakah.”
  • “May Allah’s gifts and insurances accompany you. May Allah keep you in his assurance until the end of time.”
  • “May Allah (God) favor you and your family with all the satisfaction in your life.”
  • “May Allah (God) favor you and your family with all the joy and progress in your life.”
  • “May Allah (God) favor you and your family with great wellbeing and cheerful life.”
  • “May Allah (God) favor you and your family with all the joy on the planet and in the future.”
  • “May Allah (God) keep on giving you and your family his tranquility and favors.”

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