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Learn How to File a Third Party Insurance Claim in Singapore

Third Party Insurance Claim
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It is not always your fault when you are involved in a car accident. You may be driving cautiously and following all the regulations, but other drivers on the road may not be so cautious and cause an accident. Most governments have mandated the purchase of basic third-party motor insurance for all cars on the roads to safeguard your financial interests in such disasters caused by someone else’s fault. You must also consider getting insurance claim advice for a smooth claim process. 

What is Third Party Insurance Claim, and how does it work?

Third party insurance claim Singapore, is a low-cost coverage that protects pedestrians, non-fare paying passengers, and fare-paying passengers in the event of an accident. If you own a car and pay a premium for third-party insurance, you should understand how third-party car insurance works. Third-party car insurance, often known as ‘act only’ insurance, does not cover the policyholder’s or their vehicle’s damages. It solely compensates the third party for their losses, and the third party must file the claim.

What is the procedure for filing a Third Party Insurance Claim for damages?

  1. The first step in obtaining a Third-party insurance claim, Singapore is to file a police report and obtain a charge sheet at the nearest police station. The crime must be registered with a special court called the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal.


  1. Third-party claims for property damage, personal injury, or death can be made in the same jurisdiction as the insured first-party individual. Before determining liability, the court hears both parties and examines proofs.


  1. If there is property damage, the inspection officer’s report, the surveyor’s report, and the original bill must all be provided in order to determine the entire loss.

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Process for filing a claim

Claiming third-party automobile insurance is a simple and straightforward process. The rules must be followed.

  1. The first step is to establish that the party against whom you are suing made a mistake that resulted in the damage.


  1. Each side will do everything possible to prove the other’s fault, which can make proving one’s fault and claiming damages difficult at times.


  1. Compensation is determined only after the court’s judgment has been announced.


  1. You cannot sue your insurance provider for the same losses if the amount is insufficient to repair the damages.


Everyone who uses the roadways must adhere to the rules of road safety. Accidents can be minimized to some extent, but they are unavoidable. In such a situation, you must at the very least invest in well-designed insurance to safeguard your finances and the interests of the third party and consider receiving insurance claim advice



What is salvage and total loss?

Salvage is the worth of a wrecked car after it has been totaled in an accident.


What is IDV, and how does it work?

The Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) is regarded as the vehicle’s sum insured.


Is it possible that Third Party Insurance Claim will be rejected?

An insurance company has the right to deny any claim under specific circumstances.

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