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Keep Cool This Summer With a DIY Air Conditioner Cover

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Summer is almost here, and even if you live in a climate that doesn’t get as hot as other areas, there are still plenty of days that seem unbearable. If you’re tired of blasting the air conditioning to keep your home cool, it may be time to consider making a DIY air conditioner cover so that your unit can stay on all day without having to pay hundreds in utility bills. Not only will this save you money, but it will also keep the inside of your home much cooler than it would otherwise be when you don’t have an AC cover over your unit.

How to make an air conditioner cover

Getting an air conditioner for your home or office can be quite a big expense. But, if you’re only going to buy one once and plan on using it for several years, why not find ways to make it more Best Affordable Products? Consider buying an air conditioner that runs on water or propane instead of electricity. If you can’t do that, you can always create an insulating cover out of foam sheets to reduce your electric bill (and help your AC last longer). This works especially well in the summertime when temperatures are higher than normal and extreme weather is expected.

DIY AC Covers – 4 Practical Tips

For those of us who live in hot and humid environments, air conditioning systems help to keep us cool during those warm summer months. However, when your AC unit is not in use during non-summer seasons, it can be a good idea to cover it. Keep Your AC Clean with These Easy Steps Here are some easy steps for keeping your air conditioner clean: Clean all surrounding areas near your AC unit. While inside or outside of your home, remove any dirt or dust that might have accumulated around or on top of your air conditioner unit while it has been covered up by these simple tips outlined above.

Where can I get the material?

The material you need for an air conditioner cover is typically available at your local craft store. For example, you can purchase cotton from Jo-Ann Fabrics, craft foam from Michaels, and insulating fabric at Hobby Lobby. Of course, if you’re not able to find what you need locally, Amazon does carry a wide range of materials for all your DIY projects. The most important thing is to make sure that whatever material you use is designed to keep out heat and light. If it has either of these properties it will help keep your home cool during the summer months; otherwise, your AC will overwork itself trying to regulate the temperature inside and it will break down sooner than expected!

How To Use A Heat Gun

A heat gun is an awesome tool for accomplishing a variety of tasks. One of its most popular uses is to shrink wrap small objects. If you don’t have one on hand, you can build your own by simply covering a hairdryer with plastic wrap (or any other semi-transparent material). It’s simple and cheap, but it works like a charm! You will need: -Heat gun -Plastic Wrap -Scissors

Common Mistakes In Using A Heat Gun

Using too high of heat to remove paint from metal furniture can result in overheating, melting, and charring. This is not only bad for your project but it’s potentially dangerous for your health. Most heat guns come with precautions built into their design to prevent you from using too much heat on an object for an extended period of time. However, if you do decide to use a heat gun on an object be sure to pay attention to any built-in safety features that could stop you from accidentally damaging your project or yourself. Additionally, always set up proper ventilation when working with tools like these; some fumes given off by melting materials like paint are hazardous and can damage health if inhaled over long periods of time.

The Dangers Of Untreated Wood

While your air conditioner is running, you may not notice that it’s been working for hours on end. However, those long hours in temperature-controlled rooms can wreak havoc on your system’s exterior and even its interior components. In hot climates, summer temperatures can be especially damaging to central AC units. To keep your AC running smoothly throughout these months of sweltering heat, consider covering it with an insulating cover to block excess heat and keep it functioning more efficiently. Here are some of our favorite window air conditioner covers to help you do just that!

The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Moths

While spring and summer are typically associated with blooming flowers, backyard barbecues, and concerts in the park, they’re also known as a time when insects can take over your home. If you live in an area that gets plenty of suns, you’ll probably be battling moths at some point throughout summer. Luckily, it’s easy to get rid of these pests. Get ready to say goodbye to your unwanted houseguests!


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