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Kedarkantha All You Need To Know

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Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is a very beautiful place to visit. In this trek lots of beautiful treks to see. It is situated in Uttrakhand. The trek is very attractive. It is fully covered with snow. The beauty of this trek is attractive. The sunset view of this trek is amazing to see. You can get lots of trekking experience here. You can do Trekking and camping here. It is famous for its views. There are lots of things to do. People come here in the winter season. In the winter season this place is fully covered with snow and attracts people. This scenery of snowfall is so amazing to see. October to November is the time to visit this trek. You can come in May also. This is the perfect time to explore this trek. 

Places To Visit In Kedarkantha Trek

Kalap Village

In this place you can see lots of trees. This place is very beautiful and attractive. There are lots of things to do. This is a very famous destination for tourists. You can see lots of plants and flowers here. This place is situated in Uttrakhand. You can come here and enjoy it a lot here. 


Mountain Climbers

It is the best place for climbing. You can easily trek to this place. This is a very beautiful place. This is a perfect destination for Trekking. In this place you can do lots of adventure activities. This place offers you lots of things. You can enjoy this trek a lot. People come here to have a memorable journey.


Someshwara Temple 

It is a very famous temple in Uttarakhand. This is a very famous place in Kedarkantha. It was built in 12 or 13 th century. This is a very famous temple in Uttarakhand. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple is designed to be very beautiful and attractive. 


Kedarkantha Temperature

Kedarkantha is a very beautiful place to visit for tourists. The temperature of kedarnath in winter is 2°c to 10°c. The temperature is so pleasant and cool. The weather is cool in every season. You cannot face humidity in any season. The perfect time to visit this trek is October to November. Temperature went down during the night. During the day the weather is so attractive. At night the temperature has gone down to 10°c. But during the day the weather is 9°c. It is a very cold place. 


Best Time To Do This Trek

October to November is the time to explore this trek. You can trek in May also. This time period is perfect to visit this trek.  This is a perfect destination to enjoy lots here. You can come here in the winter season. This is the best destination in winter. The snowfall scenery is so attractive and beautiful. 


Things To Carry On This Trek



You can carry two to three pairs of outfits. It is helpful in the winter season. Jackets can also be worn in this place. So pack jackets in your bags. 



You can pack some Toiletries items in your bag Like- Soap, Toothpaste,Toothbrush, Toilet paper. 


Hiking and Trekking Items:

 Hiking and Trekking Items pack in your bag. It will help you to make your trek easy. 



 You can pack some caps with you. It is very helpful in winter.



 You can pack torchlight in your bag because night trekking torchlight is very helpful. 


Bag Pack:

 You can pack some necessary items in your backpacks.

Difficulty level

This trek is not easy for trekking. Climbing Mountains  is not easy. You cannot climb easily. Beginners cannot come here. There are lots of adventure activities happening but all are very difficult. An experienced person can travel to this place. Hiking and skiing is not easy. Rock climbing, Mountains climbing are very difficult. 


Some Common Things About This Trek

You can easily trek this place. The difficulty level is high but you enjoy lots of this place. In this trek you can do lots of things Like- Trekking, Hiking, Skiing, Adventure activities and camping. This trek will make your journey memorable. You can capture lots of movement here. You can pick some necessary things with you Like- Toiletries, Food items, Clothes, Shoes and Socks. These things make your journey easy. Trekking items also you can carry with you. 


Affordable Price

This trek cost is not as high as other treks. The actual Trekking price for Kedarkantha for Sankri vari is Rs 6000 to Rs12000 for 4 days night stay.  The 5 days price for a night stay is Rs 7000 toRs 14000. These all the services depend on the facilities that are offered by this trek. It also depends on what you want : high class facilities or some Common facilities. 


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