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Joseph Cianciotto Helps Learn Important Facts About Visual communication

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Going by its definition, Visual communication can be said to be the graphical representation of an idea that adds meaning to it. With the use of elements such as iconography, data visualization, animation, interactivity, illustration, graphs, and supporting text, this genre of creativity makes a concept more comprehensible. It is a great way to exercise one’s creativity vouches for individuals such as Joseph Cianciotto who has served over 11 years as the chief digital officer at DDB NY after having received his degree in Visual Communication from Carnegie Mellon.

A creative director is a person who uses visual communications as a tool to help build the brand awareness of a business. The objectives and goals of a company, along with its target audience form the basis of the understanding of how to employ visual communication effectively. Some examples of visual communication would be interactive content, infographics, and motion graphics.

With the entire globe going through a digital shift, visual communication comes to play an extremely crucial role. Almost everything done on the internet using computers, phones, and other similar devices uses visual communications. Web traffic is majorly controlled by this kind of communication. Therefore, whether it is the apps that are being used, the games that are being played, or even the video calls which have become the new way of connecting with someone, everything is driven by this communication.

Even in the workplace, it could be a presentation or an annual report in PDF format or even an overtly engaging landing page for a website that is interactive; these too are all using visual communication. People are finding new ways and means to include this effective form of communication. Hence an understanding of the subject can only work wonders for the creative minds and add a feather to their cap of skills, as did Joseph Cianciotto. He acquired his degree in the subject from Carnegie Mellon after which he took up the job of a creative director and chief digital officer at DDB NY for 11 long years.

Since this is a rampantly used communication type, the management of the companies must endeavor to train their employees in the skill. It will help avoid confusion and increase the accuracy of individuals when they deploy visual communication in the form of data visualization.

Some of the most commonly used visual communication within a workplace include the likes of infographics, process diagrams, flowcharts, roadmaps, charts and graphs, presentations, mind maps, and visual reports. Joseph Cianciotto and creative directors like him would certainly vouch for the broad scope of creativity that visual communication has to offer.

It is being put to work across various organizations and industries. The non-profit organizations infuse it creatively with story-telling to engage the trust of their audience, thereby enhancing the credibility of their organization. They make use of infographics or brochures and posters to highlight their work and draw in more traffic so that they can get more contributors.

Thus, it is not difficult to understand the growing popularity and involvement of visual communication in the regular life of individuals and therefore a pertinent need of the hour to get oneself trained in the subject.

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