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How To Polish Windows? See The Great Do It Yourself Guide Here!

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Clean windows are a beautiful sight to the eye. But how do you polish windows indoors? What window cleaning equipment should you use? And how to make the optimal window cleaning mixture? These are some of the questions that are answered in this post on window cleaning tips.

Dirty windows are unavoidable and all homeowners experience this from time to time. Outside there is a need for window cleaning due to bird droppings, dirt, grime etc. Inside there is a need for window washing due to mados, smoke from candles, etc. When finding the solution to the problem, it may be tempting to contact a window cleaner from the outside. However, this option is expensive and not everyone has the finances to contact the local window cleaning company.

Instead, with easy knowledge about window cleaning, you can even polish your windows for cheap money. Why not save that money and spend it on an experience with the family? The truth is: you do not need to contact a professional Vinduespudser to get professional results. Read on and get clean windows today.

Window cleaning – how to do it (simple steps)

The vast majority have a need for window cleaning. However, it is far from everyone who polishes their windows properly. This section is written with a purpose: to make sure you are not among those who use a wrong method. In the simple steps below, the ideal window washing is described.

  • Dip the washer into the soapy water and squeeze out the worst water.
  • Soap your entire window and use the washer to scrub any dirt and grime away from the pane. Note that on the side of the vast majority of washers you will find a scrubbing surface, which is particularly suitable for various sticky dirt that you may have on your window.
  • Next, make a dry path along the left edge of the window with a tea towel or glass cloth.
  • Now place a scraper in the dry path and plaster from left to right on the window. Then move the polisher downwards and now polish the opposite way to the left. Continue in an s-shaped motion until you reach the bottom window sill. When using the scraper, it is important that you keep a constant pressure on the pane, as this gives the best result.
  • Finally, finish by wiping all the edges off so you avoid drops running down of yours clean window. This also gives you a window wash without streaks. You should now like to stand with a great result in the form of a shiny window. Watch Emil from Jacobsens Rengøring demonstrate the 5 steps in the video opposite.

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