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How to Open a Bubble Tea Business in 2022

How to Open a Bubble Tea Business in 2022
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Consider opening a bubble tea business in your neighbourhood if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a distinctive idea. Bubble tea is a delicious drink prepared with iced tea, flavouring, excellent milk, and chewy sweetness nuggets (boba), which are typically formed from tapioca. It’s a delightful beverage that originated in East Asia.

  • It’s All About the Location

The location of the shop is one of the most important considerations when considering a Bubble tea franchise. You want to be in a high-traffic area where people will come in and browse your business for food and drink.

If money is an issue, consider starting small with a cart or food truck, then expanding to a storefront in a busy neighbourhood after your business is established and profitable.

  • Unique Experiences

Display the history of Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble tea, on the walls as a history lesson for customers. To create a realistic environment and vibe, you may design your business with distinct music and fragrances.

In addition, consider the location of the kitchen, as well as the exits and seating.

  • Less Competition

If you want to start a profitable side hustle business bubble tea, seek for a location with little competition. Suburbs and rural areas will face more competition than large cities. You might want to venture a little further out and discover a location where there are no competitors.

You’ll have to work hard to pique people’s interest in your flavored teas, but once it takes off and there’s no competition in the region, you’ll be in business!

What’s on the chopping block?

Even while bubble tea is a distinct beverage in and of itself, there are other kinds and flavours to be aware of.

You must choose your menu from among the various options available and consider what you want to offer on a daily basis. This encompasses both the difficulty and the cost of obtaining these materials. You can use a variety of teas, such as fruity teas, milky teas, or a combination of the two.

Keep track of what your customers want and if they have any suggestions, because you might be able to offer specific types later if they’re popular.

  • It is a financial commitment

When it comes to starting a bubble tea business, choosing the right equipment to make the tea is very important. Because you’re creating a niche store, you’ll require specialist equipment, which might be costly and difficult to come by, depending on the region.

Sealers, shakers, and burners are essential parts of the tea-making process if you want to deliver a professional product.

  • Sourcing

Last but not least, knowing where to source your supplies is crucial when starting a bubble tea business. To find the right spices and syrups for the bubble tea, you’ll need to be a specialist at procurement and sourcing.

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, therefore if you seek hard enough, you might be able to find a distributor who will sell you the ingredients for a low price including shipping.


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