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How To Make Your Sliding Windows Slide More Easier?

How To Make Your Sliding Windows Slide More Easier
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One of the reasons sliding doors are so immensely popular is because it glides smoothly. It is convenient to use, and takes up less space. However, this smooth gliding may deteriorate with time due to a lack of regular maintenance. 

Aluminum sliding doors run on a track and not on a hinge. Therefore, the tracks need proper care to keep them running in good condition. 

Understand How Sliding Windows Work For Better Care.

As sliding window designs are entirely different from conventional casement windows, you need to understand how it works. It has a horizontal track fitted inside the window frame. You may have a sliding window with one or more than one moving panel. 

The aluminum windows prices depend on the quality of the sliding doors. High-quality aluminum sliding doors are easy to maintain and are less prone to panel obstructions. 

Sometimes, it may be a structural settlement like a tilt in the window due to aging that creates a problem. But the key to keeping the aluminum sliding windows in working order is to follow some basic care. Here, we have listed five tips that will help in making sliding windows slide easier for a longer time. 

Tips To Make Your Sliding Windows Slide Smoothly

Tip#1 – Regularly Clean the Window Tracks.

Dirt or grime causes friction that ultimately means the windows get stuck in their tracks. Regular vacuuming of the rails ensures minimal dust accumulation and fewer cleaning hassles. It prevents the window tracks from getting jammed and facilitates smooth gliding of the window panels. 

Tip #2 – Choose Anodized Aluminum Sliding Windows.

A painted sliding window can have paint drops that obstruct the movement. Hence, it is best to invest in anodized coated aluminum sliding doors, especially with TEXGAURD coating. TOSTEM’s sliding windows offer patented TEXGAURD coated products that prevent the windows from withering with climate change and do not create any obstruction to the movement of the window panels.

Tip#3 – Lubricate the Tracks Often

If you find obstruction frequently, it is about time that your sliding window needs proper lubrication. This helps in gliding the panels smoothly over the rails. The process is easy and often facilitates the gliding process quite well. Avoid using lubricant oil as these easily attract dust. 

Tip #4 – Adjust the Sash and Rollers

Look closely into the faulty sliding windows to check if there’s a misalignment between the sash and track. If you detect or suspect one, remove the sash and re-inert it properly in the track. During this, you must ensure all the screws and rollers are properly fixed.

Tip #5 – Get An Expert Onboard

Sometimes the problem is more severe than a mere misalignment or friction. For this, you need an expert like TOSTEM India who understands the aluminum sliding windows well and can provide the best solutions. 


Smooth sliding windows are extremely easy to use and space saver. Therefore, implement these tips to ensure the convenient use of sliding windows. 

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