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How to Make Sure Your Graduation Cap & Gown Fits

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Crossing the stage in a graduation gown to earn your high school or college diploma has long been a ritual in the academic world. Whether your alma mater requires you to wear an academic dress with a hat and tassel, a graduation cord and stole, or any other kind of Matte Graduation Gown Cap Tassel, it’s critical to prepare ahead and purchase your cap and gown as soon as possible. Only then will you be able to choose the appropriate graduation gown length, breadth, style, and color.

However, there are many cap and gown styles to pick from today, making it difficult to ensure that you are getting the correct one. So, from all of us at Class Act Graduation, here are some actions to follow to guarantee that your graduation cap and gown fit properly before you walk!

Be Aware Of Your Size

Of course, you know what size clothes you wear, and your measurements in terms of height and weight are the first step in selecting the proper graduation gown size. When you make your cap and gown purchase, most online graduation stores will provide you with a sizing chart to help you choose your size. All of our graduation gown sizes, including graduation caps and tassels, are properly labeled at Class Act Graduation.

As a general guideline, graduation gowns should fit freely enough to hang over your body without inhibiting mobility. Your grad gown should fall eight to ten inches from the ground, covering everything but your feet and ankles. As a result, when ordering a cap and gown online, it’s critical to consider your height and weight.

Observe Care Instructions

High school and college grads frequently purchase a cap and gown online that fits perfectly, only to have it shrink down a size in the washing or dryer. When your academic robes come, it’s critical to follow the care recommendations on the label – doing so may help you avoid common blunders like melting gown material, iron marks, shrinking, or tearing.

Our graduation hats and gowns are meant to be worn right away as you open the box. If the grad gown wrinkles during delivery, take it out of the container and hang it up several days before the ceremony to allow the creases to flatten naturally. If this doesn’t work, steam it or hang it inside your bathroom door while taking a shower.

Don’t Try To Hem It Yourself.

Another typical error grads make while preparing for graduation is attempting to hem their grad gown if they bought a size too big. If you didn’t major in fashion and merchandising in college or routinely sew and hem your garments, this is a dangerous step. If you need your grad gown hemmed, contact an experienced family member to do it for you or bring it to your local tailor or clothes modification business.

Selecting the ideal graduation dress

Dress to impress

The shift dress is an excellent choice for a graduation ceremony. Consider something you’d wear to an interview or work, with a flattering silhouette, a mid-length skirt, and a modest neckline. Midi dresses are quite stylish this season, so it doesn’t have to be unfashionable.

Consider a beautiful jumpsuit or airy maxi dress as your graduation costume for a more contemporary, sophisticated style. Both of those are now appropriate attire for a graduation ceremony.

Put your best foot forward.

The right shoes can make or ruin a graduation ensemble. Choosing the perfect pair to wear to your graduation is very critical. If you’re going to purchase a new pair (as if you needed a reason!), make sure you break them in ahead of time. You will be on your feet all day. There’s also the walk to accept your diploma before your whole family, friends, classmates, and university authorities. So choose comfort above style.

Less really is more.

Necklaces, in particular, should be kept to a minimum. These might be bulky and ugly under your garments. Your graduation colors will be unique to your university course, so learning about them before you start looking for the right graduation attire is also a smart idea.

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