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How to Find the History of Liked Photos on Instagram

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The gesture has become automatic. We scroll (scroll) his Instagram feed and click twice to like (like) the photo. One day, we look for the photo of the funny little cat and there, it is the drama. Impossible to get my hands on. But on Instagram, nothing disappears. A history of all photos liked by the user is hidden in the app settings. Here is how to get there.

On the mobile application, you have to go to your profile page and click on the three parallel lines located at the top right of the screen.

How to Find the History of Liked Photos on Instagram
How to Find the History of Liked Photos on Instagram

A classification by “date of the like”

The photos are not classified according to their date of publication but according to the date on which the user liked the content, in reverse order. For frenzied likers, this is not the best solution to keep interesting photos because they end up drowned in the middle of all the others particularly how to check what someone likes on Instagram. One of the things we can do on Instagram is see which photo a person has liked . This is handy for knowing what our subscribers or friends like. Although it is also used to find out if your boyfriend/girlfriend likes others.

In the given list you would be able to observe the activity of your Instagram followers. As we mentioned earlier, you cannot search for a specific person’s activity. For example if you want to check what pictures are liked by him etc. You will have to go through this whole list until you find the person in question.

You cannot only see the likes they gave to different photos or videos. However, it also enable sto check who started following or who followed them. It is a pretty striking option that can obviously cause problems for many people on how to see people’s likes on Instagram, but it’s available from the official app.

Another amazing function of Instagram is to create “collections”, which could be likened to album of pictures. To save an image, just click on the icon symbolizing a bookmark at the bottom right of the photo. The saved images are then accessible in the main menu (symbolized by the three parallel lines), then in the “Saved elements” tab. When you enter a photo on Instagram, you can see in the likes statistics which of your friends have also liked it. The name of the account of one of them and their images will appear.

However, you will find this information when how to see what posts someone likes on instagram. The doubt arises when you want to see all the likes of another person on Instagram. This is possible, let us see how. If you have a phone that you no longer use but it still works, you are in luck: see if it follows the installed Instagram app. If so, take care of that mobile as much as possible and do not update the app. You will be able to enter when you need it to look at the “FOLLOWING” tab in the notifications. Therefore, you can review when you need it.

However, if this is not the case you will have to download an old version from the internet. At this point, I recommend that you be very careful, because if the download is not trustworthy, it can send your access data to the creator of the file. Do a test with a secondary mobile and try first with an invented or newly created account. When you verify that everything is in order, you can access with your main account.

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