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How is Technology Benefitting the Carpet Industry?

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Technology is changing everything around us, especially cognitive technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. They have changed the way businesses think and function. We now have better and customized products that meet all our needs.

These advancements in technology have also had a major impact on the carpet industry. Whether it is a residential or commercial space, carpets accentuate the aesthetics and have grown in popularity. Technology has not just enabled better and more sustainable carpets in the market, but also changed the way they are manufactured and sold.

Let’s take a look at how technology is driving modern trends in the carpet industry:

Eco-friendly carpets

If you are mindful of the carbon footprint that your carpet choice will leave, then technology is at your rescue. Advancements in technology have made area rugs more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Natural, biodegradable, and renewable materials are being increasingly used for manufacturing carpets.

Carpet manufacturers are not just using materials such as coir, jute, and bamboo, but they are also experimenting with recycled goods. These include plastic bottles, fishing nets, textile waste, industrial nylon waste, and more. These carpets are not just beautiful, but every piece is one of a kind. That’s not where the benefits of technology end. When carpets made with these materials have reached the end of their life, they can be easily down-cycled and used in the manufacturing of automobiles and furniture.

Green Manufacturing Processes

With advancements in technology, you don’t just have carpets made with sustainable materials, but the manufacturing process of carpets is also undergoing a sea change. For instance, with the use of technology, the formerly harmful yarn dyes, palettes, and water are also recycled, reducing the amount of waste that occupies the landfills.

Technology has even made it possible for carpet manufacturing units to run on renewable energy, making them less polluting.

Newer and Better Designs

One of the biggest and most important developments in this industry has to do with carpet designs. All thanks to the latest advancements in computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, carpet manufacturers can now translate thousands of designs and colours into carpets.

Before CAD, artists painstakingly created carpet patterns by hand on graph paper. Each box in their design represented one yarn. This process took months, if not longer. Now with computer-aided design, carpet designs can be created within minutes. Once the design is ready, it is emailed to the loom.

Looms, which are also now operated using computers, churn out the final carpet product in a few hours. It doesn’t end here. Technology has also helped carpet companies with options such as digital sampling and 3-D presentations. They can now store thousands of designs and tweak a pattern that their customer doesn’t like within a few seconds.

Unique Customer Service

Carpet retailers, such as Home Floors, one of the most technologically-advanced carpet stores in Calgary are using technology to create unmatched customer experiences. For instance, if you walk into our store with a carpet design in your mind, we customize it right there in the store with you. Your design may be from any corner of the world, with technology, we have the ability to create a carpet just like you want it.

With technology, it is also possible to store hundreds of carpet designs and colour swatches for customers to choose from. With Artificial Intelligence, we can offer precise carpet design consultation for you to take home the most perfect carpet.

Modular Carpets

Also known as carpet tiles, one of the best benefits of the new-age modular carpets is their convenience. Instead of the huge carpet roles of the years past, you can now simply lock these squares together into a full carpet.

And, you can thank technology for the humongous range of patterns, textures, and colours, that modular carpets are available in. This helps you get a fresh and exciting new flooring option for different spaces of your house with the latest trending styles that are also affordable and eco-friendly.

Known as the best flooring store in Calgary, Home Floors was amongst the first stores to use technology in carpet retailing and create great customer experiences. With over two decades of experience, we have helped thousands of Calgary homeowners create those beautiful spaces they call home. To schedule an appointment with our carpet specialists and to browse through our latest design collections, call us at (403) 984-4100. Visit our store at 423 58th Avenue S.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2H 0P5.

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