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How Is CenturyLink Internet Ideal for Small Businesses?

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You cannot fathom operating a business in this day and age without having an internet presence. The internet has become a prerequisite for doing business all around the world, and it is currently more populous than ever!

Currently, 71% of American small businesses do their operations online. This means there is a huge percentage of businesses that require strong internet connection. CenturyLink is one provider that caters to such needs with a maximum satisfaction rate. The provider claims to provide readily available services with 99% reliability.

A quick and dependable internet connection is essential for small enterprises. This is because working online at a slow internet speed makes it tougher to complete daily tasks. For example, cloud apps may become sluggish, slowing down client service. Additionally, it can cause issues with your point-of-sale system or prohibit you from maintaining accurate inventory.

Whether your business internet requirements are restricted to sending emails or you want a connection to allow real-time collaboration, it’s crucial to get an internet that can accommodate your demands. For this reason, the first step is to find a reputable internet service provider. CenturyLink Internet comes into play in this situation. Let’s discover how CenturyLink will benefit your business the most.

What Makes CenturyLink a Perfect Choice for Businesses?

·      Unlimited Data Allowance

As a business owner, you never want your growth opportunities to be restricted due to any reason. Especially not because of a limit imposed by your internet provider. CenturyLink is one provider that will help you in pushing yourself forward by utilizing the maximum service benefits. It offers you unlimited data allowance in your CenturyLink Internet plan.

Whether you opt for CenturyLink Fiber Internet plans or settle for the DSL internet option, there are no data caps and you can utilize the data as much as you want for the entire month. This also saves you from any overage fees, so it’s simply a win-win situation!

·      No Annual Contract

CenturyLink offers no contract internet plans. When you subscribe to the CenturyLink internet plans, you are not required to sign any contract that binds you with the service for an entire year. In addition to this, if at any given time you decide to give up on your CenturyLink subscription, you can do it right away.

Never before has it been so simple to choose a trustworthy internet provider. You have the choice to remain a customer of CenturyLink for as long as you like. As a business person, you must not have to worry about activation costs, cancellation fees, or contract time limits even if you prefer to bundle your internet service with a CenturyLink home phone plan.

·      No-Hassle Billing

CenturyLink only looks for creating convenience for its customers. Paying your CenturyLink bill isn’t limited to traditional methods. If you prefer the old-fashioned method, you are not required to wait in line for your turn every month.

You have a broad selection of alternatives from CenturyLink to choose from. Whether you choose to pay your bills online using your credit or debit card, via the My CenturyLink app, or in person, you have access to nearly all payment options. You are more than welcome to go ahead and send your cheque or money order via regular mail.

·      Complete Wi-Fi Coverage

The good news is that you can easily rent a cutting-edge compatible wireless modem to go along with your CenturyLink internet connection. You may choose the greatest choice offered by the provider without having to go through the hassle of looking for a reliable modem.

You can receive strong Wi-Fi coverage for your business with CenturyLink. Your Wi-Fi anticipation will be surpassed by the full Wi-features.  With Secure Wi-Fi, you may utilize many devices at once and enjoy integrated superior security protection.

·      Super-Fast Speeds

You will find a wide range in CenturyLink Internet speed. You can choose your desired speed according to your budget and business requirements. Below are some options that you can look for:

CenturyLink Internet Speeds Seed Capacity
Up to 200 Mbps Good for downloading, uploading, streaming, shopping, and playing games with unlimited data.
Up to 500 Mbps Multiple devices will run simultaneously.
Up to 940 Mbps Hard-core gaming while streaming in HD and 4K, and cloud backup of your whole hard drive.

All You Need To Know About CenturyLink Internet Service

The company offers two different types of internet service to accommodate a variety of customers and has a rich history to support its high reputation. It primarily offers fiber and DSL internet services. Customers can easily access different network types as the provider is offering its services across 16 states by contributing to creating a solid economic foundation.

Although not all service locations have fiber internet, CenturyLink is quickly extending its fiber footprint to new areas of its service area. As a result, customers must look for their chosen networks nearby. As location plays a vital part in scoring great CenturyLink Internet Deals, you should know in which state CenturyLink is available.

CenturyLink Internet State Coverage

CenturyLink is known best for its quality services and what is better if you have these outstanding services at your disposal? Below is the list of where CenturyLink is currently proving its DSL and Fiber-Optic connections.

·       Wyoming ·       North Dakota
·       Washington ·       Montana
·       Utah ·       Minnesota
·       South Dakota ·       Idaho
·       Oregon ·       Iowa
·       Nevada ·       Florida
·       New Mexico ·       Colorado
·       Nebraska ·       Arizona


CenturyLink Internet Price & Plans

When it comes to choosing an internet plan for your business several reservations can limit you from going for a high-end plan. Whether your business has a limited budget, or you don’t know what range of options the provider is offering—anything can stop you.

But let’s make things easier for you! Below are some CenturyLink Internet Plans that you can opt for. Keep in mind that availability and price may vary per location.

CenturyLink Internet Plans Max. Download Speed Data Allowance Price
Simply Unlimited Internet Up to 100 Mbps Unlimited $50/mo.

Paperless billing required. Taxes and fees apply. Get the fastest internet speed available at your location (max speed is up to 100 Mbps).


Fiber Internet 200 Up to 200 Mbps Unlimited $30/mo.

Paperless billing required. Taxes and fees apply. Get the fastest internet speed available at your location (max speed is up to 100 Mbps).


Fiber Internet 500 Up to 500 Mbps Unlimited $50/mo.

in select markets.

Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing required. Taxes and fees apply.


CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit Up to 940 Mbps Unlimited $70/mo.

in select markets.

Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing required. Taxes and fees apply.


CenturyLink Customer Service

Everything about CenturyLink is convenient! You can get in touch with the provider to settle any issues you may have because they have your back round-the-clock. Find a new plan, keep track of services, verify equipment compatibility, understand invoicing, and much more. Get in touch with CenturyLink customer service by dialing 1-855-349-9310 to solve frequent internet issues.

In Essence

CenturyLink internet is an excellent option to meet your daily online needs. So, choose a CenturyLink plan that best suits your business requirements and budget, and order now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does CenturyLink offer high-speed internet for small businesses?

Yes, you can get a lightning-fast CenturyLink fiber optic connection that comes with a maximum download speed of 940 Mbps, unlimited data, and is available for just $70 per month.

How can I contact CenturyLink Customer Service?

You can dial 1-855-349-9310 to reach CenturyLink customer service.

Is CenturyLink Internet for Business available in my area?

You will have to visit here and enter your zip code to see if CenturyLink internet plans are available in the location you are operating.

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