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How Does Canada Verify Work Experience for Immigration?

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Canada is one of the most visited and immigrant-friendly countries in the world. There are various documentation and visa process one has to go through to successfully immigrate to Canada. Once you have submitted your application for permanent residence, IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship, Canada) confirms all the information that you have provided with various means. Providing sufficient supporting documentation for work experience history is very much necessary for most economic applications like Express Entry.

Here in this article, we would like to present you with the different possible means by which the IRCC may verify the information you have provided to them.

Ways in which IRCC may verify your information provided

1. Reference letter

It is necessary to provide documentation supporting your work experience period for the last ten years when submitting an economic immigration application. A reference letter from your employer demonstrating your work experience is the most preferred option. A reference letter for immigration is very different compared to the reference letter provided when applying for a job. Information regarding what to be included in your letter, can be found and understood from legitimate offline and online sources.

If in case one is self-employed, then a reference letter alone would not be sufficient. Instead of a reference letter, one would need to provide documents such as Proof of self-employed income, Evidence of business ownership or articles of incorporation, and Confirmation documentation of your services provided by third parties (including payment details).

2. Make a Call to your workplace

Canadian immigration officers can probably decide to call your employer to verify your work experience to confirm the details included in your application. However, such a scenario is not always a certainty. The decision to contact your employer on behalf of IRCC is always at the discretion of the individual officer handling your case.

3. Verify business registration information

Your employer’s business registration documents may be verified by Canadian immigration officers to confirm your employment history. They may also check details such as the contact information and business address to ensure that there are no red flags.

4. Confirm your NOC code

Your NOC code is checked by the immigration officers to determine whether you meet the requirements of an economic immigration program. To do so, immigration officers would review your duties included in your reference letter against the main duties of your selected NOC thoroughly. If the duties mentioned by your employer in your reference letter contradict the NOC code, it will lead to the occurrence of red flags in the eyes of the immigration officer. Your letter should reflect a genuine and detailed representation of the duties you carried out in your role at the corresponding company during your work period.

5. Request for additional documentation

If at any point during the verification process, an officer requires more information related to your work experience, they may issue you a request for additional documentation. The IRCC requests for submission for further documentation will depend on the information you have already provided and your situation.

6. Verifying Canadian work experience

Immigration officers are likely to request your tax documents (T4s, Notice of Assessments), during the verification of your Canadian work experience. This is a necessity to ensure that your work experience in Canada was not self-employed. Work experience that comes under self-employed is not considered for Canadian Experience Class eligibility.

A copy of one’s work and study permits are to be provided by candidates with Canadian work experience. This can help the immigration officer check and confirm whether you carried out your work with valid authorization or while engaging in full-time studies.

What happens if a reference letter is not included by a candidate with the application?

If one fails to provide reference letters to verify their work history, IRCC may return the application stating the reason that it is incomplete. An application would be subjected to a completeness check once it is submitted for permanent residence application. All supporting documents provided would be checked for completion by the immigration officer. If one is applying through Express Entry, this can mean further waiting to receive another Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Note: A personal affidavit attesting to your own work experience is not regarded as valid proof of work experience under any circumstances. Your application could be returned by IRCC as incompleted if you submit a personal affidavit in place of sufficient proof.

Misrepresentation of information

Providing fraudulent documentation, writing your reference letter, etc are considered cases of misrepresentation. Misrepresentation is considered a serious charge and can result in a 5-year ban from Canada.

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