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How Can You Delete Your Twitter Account on Any Device?

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Are you someone who now needs to get one now rid of your Twitter account permanently or maybe for some time? Then, you might want to remove your Twitter account for so many reasons; for instance, you don’t want to be on the channel with the same account anymore, and you want to start it over again with a fresh account – or maybe you just want to remove your business profile because of the down revenue – or so many other reasons in between!

Whether your reasons are for deactivating your account, you might need to get things done as soon as possible. So fortunately, Twitter now allows you to remove your account by following very few quick steps. However, there is a 30-day deactivation period required by Twitter itself. During that time, your account does not get one now visible to the audience anymore.

So, in this article, we will learn about how one can delete or remove their profile on Twitter. We will also explain some of the important precautions you need to keep in mind before or while making your account deactivated permanently.

Factors you need to consider before deleting/deactivating your personal/official Twitter account!

Before you delete your account, you always need to ensure whether you are going to make the right decision or you are following all the required processes.

We will move on to the process of deleting an account later on, but let’s first have a look at some of the important aspects you need to keep in mind before deleting your account permanently: 

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  • Do you simply want to update your username? There is probably no need to delete your account if this is the scenario in your case. You can modify your Twitter username to anything that isn’t already taken. This way let you not lose your followers and above all, you may keep the particular tweets if you want. 
  • Do you also want to keep some of the information as it is you’ve collected on Twitter so far? You should obtain your archived data before proceeding with the deactivation process in this situation.
  • Do you simply want to create a new account with the same existing username and email address? This is something you can easily do without even deleting your account. 
  • Do you want to get one now rid of some unwanted tweets but don’t want to delete them manually? So, in that case, rather than deleting your account and starting over again from scratch, you may bulk remove your Tweets using an application like TweetDelete.

How can you delete/deactivate your Twitter profile permanently?

Fortunately, removing/deleting your account is a smooth process but you should process the deactivation request first. This notifies Twitter that you wish to remove it. Deleting a request immediately removes all your information from the channel (so no one will be able to view your profile or Tweets on the site); however, it takes up to 30 days for Twitter to process the requests.

The process to delete/deactivate your account from the web browser!

  1. Go to the official Twitter site and log in to your Twitter profile, be it a personal account or a professional one. 
  2. Go to the main page’s three-dot menu icon and choose “Settings & privacy” from the left sidebar.
  3. Here, you can tap on the option “Deactivate your account” from the drop-down menu you see on your screen. 
  4. After reading the information, click Deactivate.
  5. Here, Twitter asks you to reconfirm your account password, and then you can click Deactivate again.

The Process you can follow to delete/deactivate your Twitter account on a mobile application!

  1. Use the Twitter mobile app to sign in to your account.
  2. Click on your profile image and then choose to go to “Privacy & Settings.” 
  3. Now, you should be choosing the account from the given drop-down menu under the account tab. 
  4. You need to deactivate your account by tapping on that button. 
  5. After reading the messages, choose Deactivate.
  6. Twitter asks you to enter your account’s password before you hit on the Deactivate option one last time.

What happens when one deletes/deactivates an account on Twitter?

Once you process the deactivation, all your existing information on the Twitter profile will no longer be available anymore for you and your network of followers. However, Twitter takes up to 30 days of the period to verify the request of completely deactivating your account. It might take up to a week to completely delete your account.

However, Twitter allows you to recover your account within the next 30 days by simply logging in with your account credentials or verifying the account.

This is primarily excellent news for all the users out there who mistakenly deactivate their accounts and then realize later or change their minds later on. However, your previous username and emails get bound for the next 3—days by Twitter which cannot use for creating another new account.  

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