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How Can Professional jobs for autism & Asd help us stay relevant?

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Each generation has its own set of priorities when it comes to how it chooses which business to spend money with. The baby boomers tended towards larger corporations because of the familiarity that comes with a company that is represented in the same way across the country and the uniform customer service that this entails. Millennials tend to focus on local business and finding companies offering something truly unique in terms of their products and services. It’s becoming rapidly apparent that Gen Z are spending with their conscience, with many companies facing boycotts for their perceived unethical stances. These spending trends are important to be aware of as you look at your business and how to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Appealing To Multiple Generations

For a very select number of businesses, they can ignore the needs, wishes and spending patterns of certain generations and gear their entire business model towards a specific group of people. For the rest of the marketplace, however, it’s important to think about how to stay relevant to all generations to maximize your client base. However, it’s hard to think of a simple way to change that will help you stay relevant across the generations, but this is where hiring autistic workers has the potential to change everything. This simple change in your hiring practice appeals to each generation:

  • Baby boomers – boomers are most interested in being treated well and feeling like part of the family when they shop with you. Multiple studies have found that being around autistic people in the workplace pushes up empathy and communication among all workers as they have to think about how the world must be for their autistic colleague. This increase in empathy transfers out to your customers and you’ll find you’ll get plenty of repeat business from your baby boomers, even if the autistic workers aren’t directly client facing.
  • Millennials – while it’s true that massive corporations such as Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase have already started hiring autistic workers, this hiring trend is only just trickling down to smaller businesses in British Columbia. You can give your company a brand new unique selling point by talking about your new autistic workers in your sales literature. There’s many studies that show that autistic workers bring new ideas and solutions to the table, so you’ll also find that your new hires give you a competitive edge with millennials who are looking for innovation and unique products and services.
  • Gen Z – it’s easiest to see how hiring autistic workers will help your business stay relevant with Gen Z clients. They value companies who share their moral values, and social inclusion is high on the agenda for most Gen Z individuals. You need to make sure that you advertise your push towards neurodiversity in your sales literature and work to have your autistic workers in client facing roles where possible. This visibility is what will attract more Gen Z customers and you can tap into their love of social media for free exposure and advertising if you do it right.

How To Hire Autistic Workers

It’s clear, therefore, that making a more neurodiverse workforce is a great way to keep your company relevant with all age groups and generations. However, it’s not an easy task to find professional jobs for autism and ASD. This is where an autism talent management agency can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by taking on the following tasks:

  • Find high quality candidates – finding the right autistic workers for your post and company is the single biggest barrier to employment for many autistic workers. An autism talent management agency will find, recruit and train only the highest quality workers to make sure that anyone who comes for an interview is capable of making a difference in your workplace.
  • Refine your interview process – the formal face to face interview process is heavily biased towards neurotypical workers. There’s a minefield of problems for autistic candidates from subtle social cues about how it’s going, to reading the body language in the room. A task based or group based interview will give you a better idea of what your new autistic hire will be capable of in the real workplace.
  • Provide bespoke staff training – finally, the success of your autism hiring program will be dictated by how ready your existing staff is to accept and include their new colleague. An autism talent management agency will be able to provide generalized training about what autism is and what it isn’t as well as specific guidance for your workplace. This more than anything will help you stay relevant both with your clients and your staff.

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