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Holdem Combinations

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The most important part, it is around the collection of combinations, the whole game is being built, the poker holding the rules says that he Who can collect the strongest combination, takes the whole bank?  Combinations are listed below in ascending order of seniority.

  • Senior card. In another kicker. Five cards in random order not related to each other by any sign. If any participant does not have any combination, then the leader is determined by the oldest card.
  • The first combination. It consists of 2 cards associated with each other with the same face value. Since any combination must consist of five elements, then three more act the role of cycles, they are necessary to determine the winner in controversial situations.
  • Two pairs. Two pairs of cards with the same denomination. In Texas Poker Hold’em, the rules state that the age of the combination is taken into account from the highest rated pair. For example, two kings and two dozen will beat two queens and two Walts.
  • Three cards that have the same nominal Two Cycler complete the combination.
  • Open combinations in which there is no cycler. Five cards that are played in order of rising nominal. Everyone must have different (if the same, it is another, a stronger combination). A combination is allowed ace, 2,3,4,5.
  • Flash . Five cards of a suit of any dignity. Seniority is determined by the oldest rated card in the arms. Masty in Poker is still equivalent.
  • Full house. The combination is assembled from the set and the pair, that is, three cards of one dignity and two more. The rules of Texas Hold’em state that on a meld, whichever is higher in the nominal set.
  • Be careful. Four cards that match the rank. There is also a kicker here.
  • Street flash. Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Actual flash. Royal set Five cards from 10 to the ace of a suit. It falls off extremely rarely.

Before immediately studying the rules of the game in Poker Texas 홀덤총판, you must remember the combinations. Without it, sitting at the table is undesirable, especially in offline mode. When playing online, it’s best to print melds and stay with you, at least at first.

Initial bets and games begin

After studying the combinations, you can sit down at the table and play the first few rounds. Practice will allow you to faster and better remember the rules of the game in Texas Poker, as the draw is happening, what amount is put into the winner who becomes the leader and other components.

The game table is allowed to sit from two to how many people, the main thing is to be enough for two pocket cards and five common ones on the field. The figures adopted the formats of 2.5 and 9 participants.

In Texas Hold’em, the rules of the game require two opponents before the start of the distribution small and large blinds . These are mandatory fees designed to warm up the interest of the participants, as well as the guarantee that the winner in any case will receive at least the minimum amount.

All players, in turn, are required to post a big and small blind. The course in each round is broadcast in a circle, according to the clockwise movement, in order not to intimidate the sequence; there is a battle button on the table – a special item with a pointer. The rules of the game in Poker Hold’em say that in the first distribution, the starting fees make two players to the left of the cropier.

Then the direct distribution of maps and trading circles begins the rules of Hold’em for trading circles and the formation of the Bank will consider in the next chapter.


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