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Fat Burner To Slim Down – Often A danger!

In: Health

What is behind the advertising for “fat burners”?

Dietary supplements advertised as “fat burners” promise true miracles. Superfluous kilos should disappear, simply by stimulating the metabolism and the bodies own fat burning. “Above all, the fat deposits in the problem areas such as hips, stomach and buttocks disappear in a targeted manner and the muscles show a nice definition.” – Such an advertisement for a “fat burner”, which is intended to appeal particularly to bodybuilders. These athletes in particular attach great importance to well-structured muscles with a low proportion of fatty tissue. However, the manufacturers owe no explanation and evidence for this supposedly targeted effect.

Since the word “fat burner” can no longer be used in designations and advertising, many manufacturers switch to terms that sound different but similar. Turbo-Burner, Burn X or F-Burn, Green or Night Burn – there are no limits to your imagination. When using Internet search engines, however, the term “fat burner” leads unerringly to these products.

What should I pay attention to when using so-called “fat burners”?

Many of the “fat burners” sold mostly on the Internet contain substances that are harmful to health or have not been adequately tested. Even “purely herbal” remedies   can be highly risky, especially when several substances such as caffeine and synephrine are combined: Use can lead to increased blood pressure, insomnia, tachycardia or even a heart attack.

“Fat burners” that are advertised as particularly effective often contain dangerous substances that are forbidden for food, such as e.g. B. the industrial chemical 2,4-dinitrophenol, also  DNP . In several countries there have been deaths after the consumption of this substance in recent years. Undeclared ingredients are particularly treacherous, as the danger of the products is then not apparent to the buyer. There is a particular risk here for products that are ordered over the Internet from insecure sources or from abroad.

In many “fat burners” a variety of plant extracts are mixed together. Even if the individual substances are not contained in quantities that are hazardous to health, the effect of these mixtures of substances cannot be assessed and unexpected dangerous effects can occur.

Many of the substances contained can interact with medication, such as the banned hydrating fat burner berry pomegranate with psychotropic drugs.

Most of the substances used have an effect on the cardiovascular system. The higher the proportion of the relevant substance, the higher the risk of these products. If there is no indication of the quantity of the active ingredients contained in the list of ingredients, then consumption should be avoided altogether.

The combination with caffeine, as is often the case in products with synephrine, increases the effect of many substances and can lead to high blood pressure and tachycardia and even heart attacks.

It’s also annoying when products don’t contain what’s on the label. For example, in studies of products with HCA, large proportions of starch and mineral components were found, despite the statement “100% Garcinia cambogia extract” and the advertising “no fillers”. Unfortunately, consumers cannot see this.

They are intended to make you sporty and slim – dietary supplements in sport. More and more people are using them. What is it about the fitness makers and what should you pay attention to?


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