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Facts that you don’t know about flowers

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Flowers have incredible appeal and history and provide us with aesthetic and emotional well-being. Flowers have different uses; they can be used as decorative items in our homes and functions. Flowers like roses and Gerbera daisies have many special facts that most people are unaware of. Most of the people prefer to give roses and tulips as a present because flowers are Cathy and adorable.

Let’s go right to the point with these fantastic floral facts:

Gerbera Daisies

Keep gerbera daisies just next to your bed if you want to get a good  sleep. At night, gerberas emit oxygen while absorbing carbon monoxide and toxins, which is said to be especially beneficial for people who suffer from sleep apnoea.

People with a lousy sleep schedule or who cannot sleep appropriately should definitely use these flowers. Many people start taking sleeping pills for good sleep, but if they knew about this kind of fact about flowers, there would be no need for sleeping pills.

Tulip bulbs

Although this flower truth is well-known, it’s crucial to understand why tulip bulbs were eaten. Although no one ever claimed that tulip bulbs were flavorful, they were consumed due to hunger and a lack of food.

Tulip bulbs were said to taste sour and dry during World War II, but many people survived the war by eating them. Tulips were substituted for onions in some households.


There is much fruit and dry fruit related to the roses: almonds, apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, and nectarines. Rosehips, which is a berry fruit, are found in some roses and they are called rose hips. Roses are one of those fragrant flowers ordered online and can be used for medicinal purposes.

Titan Arum

The world’s largest flower can grow to be ten feet tall, three feet wide, and weigh as much as 24 pounds! It’s known as the Titan Arum, and it smells like rotting flesh, earning it the nickname “corpse flower.”


The acidic nature of the soil in which hydrangeas are planted determines their color. Because of this reason, we have to maintain the acidity of the soil so we get the desired color of hydrangea flowers.


There are around 4,000 species of orchids in the world, but Colombia has 1,500 of them. The orchid is Colombia’s national flower, which comes as no surprise.


Sunflower stems were used to fill life packets. Water contamination from the Chernobyl tragedy was cleaned up using floating sunflower rafts. Sunflower roots may remove up to 95% of the radioactivity from water by pulling pollutants out of it. Simply incredible!


When Prince Charles’ lands On the Isles of Scilly, and then he visited the coast of Cornwall where he  paid in daffodils, he started getting paid one daffodil per year as rent. Buy the best daffodils in a bouquet by online flower delivery process and freshen your home’s environment.

Wolfria globosa

Wolffia globosa, sometimes known as Watermeal, is the world’s smallest flower. The bloom is positioned in a little hole in the surface of this tiny green plant, which is about the size of a grain of rice.

Are you fluent in Floriography?

Floriography, or flower language, has existed for thousands of years, but it was most popular during the Victorian era due to its conservative approach to emotional expression and flirtations. Floriography allowed people to express themselves without having to say something out loud to their intended recipient, which was considered forbidden.

It was a type of floral dictionary. 

There are many facts that are unknown by the people about the flower. People think tulips and roses are meant to give someone or used for decoration purposes but all of them are wrong. As many flowers are way more useful, just like Gerbera daisies used for getting good sleep, broccoli is kind of a flower. We don’t think about using flowers as currency but Daffodils. So flowers are meant more, they are not just for decorations or gifting purposes.

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