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Diet for runners: tips on what to eat and show better performance in the race

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According to experts, “one should behave like a runner, even if you’re not exercising,” and this is something to consider when sitting at a table. Runners have a very high calorie burn and very different nutritional needs than inactive residents. In fact, we have a reputation as a eater because eating is like a lemon, and there are a few of them because we can burn 500 to 1,000 calories at once and your body feels like you’re overeating.

It’s also important that we not only know what to eat, but also the time to do so, as needs change as we exercise. There are many doubts about how we should supply our glycogen stores and improve our performance. Here are some basic tips to help you get started.

What should I eat if I run?

Fresh and varied products

We know the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for better results. It is very important that the product is fresh, seasonal and if possible you make it yourself so that you know exactly what you epl중계. Avoid pre-cooked products at all costs, which usually contain a lot of sugar and fat and which know what other flavors are. Make your diet as varied as possible, then the amount of nutrients you add to your body will be more, which will prevent you from getting hurt without having to take supplements.

If you run in the morning

The idea is to have a delicious breakfast, at least an hour and a half before the competition, but if you train at 9am and want to train earlier, it’s obviously not a problem to get up at 5am. for breakfast. In that case, prepare something light like whole grain bread, a small bowl of oats or a banana. The night before, a healthy dinner: fish or chicken or lentils (protein source) and carbohydrates in the form of steamed vegetables, potatoes or brown rice. If you follow this dinner, you can also run on an empty stomach where you get the fuel your muscles need for energy. Of course, no more than 60 minutes of running or hard training, because running and not having breakfast has its risks.

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