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Damascus Hunting Dream Knife

Damascus Hunting Knife
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Every hunter knows that a personal weapon and its appearance are a reflection of professionalism and respect for the hunting craft. The right choice of one or another type of weapon is the key to successful hunting and humane treatment of animals.

At the same time, when basing his choice, each hunter takes into account many objective and subjective factors, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of individual types of weapons.

A professional hunting knife

A professional hunting knife, as a short-edged bladed weapon, is a universal assistant that every self-respecting hunter must have. The modern market offers a very wide range of hunting knives, differing in their functional purpose, materials of manufacture, shape, size, and configuration. So, for example, by classifying knives by purpose, we can distinguish two main types, namely:

  • universal.
  • special.

Universal hunting knives

Universal hunting knives or general-purpose knives are usually used to protect against attacks and to finish off the beast. As a rule, they consist of two main structural elements: a handle and a blade. It is important to note that a hunting knife often has a guard on the handle that prevents the hand from slipping during a strike. General-purpose knives, depending on the design, are divided into:

  • monolithic.
  • folding.
  • collapsible.

When choosing one or another type, you should, first of all, decide on the intended purposes of use and wearing conditions, since absolutely each of the above knives has its advantages and disadvantages. In no case should defects in the blade or other metal parts of the knife be left unattended? They can significantly reduce the reliability and safety of weapons. It is better not to buy such a knife.

Special Damascus Hunting knives serve, as a rule, to protect against attacks or to finish off specific types of animals. They may also be designed to perform certain carcass processing operations, such as skinning. There are also special types of knives for spearfishing and butchering the carcasses of large species of fish or various marine animals.

Some special knives have additional structural elements that provide the ability to perform many households and household tasks. Such knives do not belong as edged weapons; they are not recommended for use to protect against attacks by wild animals, as well as for skinning the carcasses of large animals.

Hunting blade

A separate type of hunting blade cold weapon is a dagger. Which always has a symmetrical blade shape, sharpened on both sides. As a rule, a dagger blade never allows a curved shape, has a small angle of attack, does not involve any additional household elements, and has a monolithic design. In most cases, hunting daggers have a special serial number and maker’s mark.

Speaking about the length, width, and thickness of the blade, one should also pay attention to the intended and functional purpose of the latter. Knives with a longer blade are used for large and thick-skinned animals. A short one can be used for skinning fur. As for the width and thickness of the blade. It is important to understand that these criteria should ensure the high-quality and efficient performance of the relevant functions. In no case should the knife blade bend during the strike or hang out at the base of the handle. You shouldn’t buy these knives.

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