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Cute and easy doodle art Journal

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Cute and easy doodle art Journal. If you have an art log, I’m sure you have probably tried to get sick at some point. Doodling is fun, interesting, and easy, but can someone draw beautiful scribbles? Yes! If you do not like your doodles and cool drawing ideas, maybe everything you need is a little more inspiration and easier. That’s why I share cute and simple doodles to get the beginners into artistic logging.

The advantages of the doodle

I am not an expert, but doodling has always helped me when I’m boring or even worried. I cannot even be that I cannot recognize it at the time of the doodle, but it’s sure as hell like the simplest therapy feels. At Harvard Health Publishing, Srini Pillay says that Doodling can help them in memory, liberating stress and improve development. Well, is not it worth trying?

The article argues that we can feel more relaxed and concentrated by doodling and that the doodles can reveal what is unparalleled in the infant’s direction. For me, that is enough to try cute doodles and fill my art log with you if I want to add something more about my pages or to relax. So, if you are interested, here are some simple and cute scribbles that you can try in your art log.

Natural Doodles

  • A simple doodle of three mountain peaks with snow points.
  • Sunset on the lake with cute little birds flying around.
  • A sweet tree in a circle. Drawing circuits near Doodle is a great way to make them more visible and pick up.
  • The rain can be inspired so sadly, right? This easy-to-scribble is super cute and I’m sure you’ll love it.
  • The doodles would be nothing if there were no flowers. You are one of the simplest doodles to draw and you can just try:

Animal doodle

  • This little fish is easy to draw with a few lines and a heart for the eyes. A real touch of mood!
  • You can draw a sweet cat doodle with only a few lines. Add a beautiful detail like a circle or a heart in the middle of the drawing.
  • I’m not a fan of drawing animals, but if you’re just sweet, and a little wonderful, I’m for that. Take a look at this cake at the cutie.
  • I have always documented this simple bird economy. You can play with sizes to appear far or nearby. Paint it in different colors for a fanciful look.

Food doodles

  • Who does not like sugary cherries? And they are incredibly easy to dock.
  • If you are a pizza lover like me, you can digest something like this piece below and just add color later.
  • Tasty Watermelon is also a simple doodle to draw: two half-circuits, a line and drops, and vila!
  • What about coffee or teacups? You can also add a doodle to the cup.
  • Cupcakes can be so soft, especially if you add color or sowing, which makes you even cute.
  • What about a cute little lollipop? You can draw it Big, then log in to the swirly part.

Universal doodle

  • I like drawing and developing things from the universe, especially planets and stars. So you can doodle this simple:
  • I like to scribble constellations. They are easy to bluer: Draw a few stars and connect them with lines. That’s it.
  • We can never have enough stars in our magazines. You can be great acquisitions on our pages, or only dares and fill the space there.
  • Here is another you can shoot with the moon and the clouds. You can make the clouds thicker if you want. Paint clouds in unusual colors such as pink and yellow for more interest.
  • Fantastic doodles
  • What is wonderful as the moon and the stars? I only like these simple scribbles.
  • You can combine bouquets and words in a large circle, as in the example below.
  • Why not combine the moon, clouds, sun, and stars in a super soft doodle?
  • If I scribbled for relaxation or just talk on the phone, I usually condemn tourbillon lines and points.
  • One of the sweetest doodles is a glass of dreams.
  • A doodle of a banner with signs, letters, and words can be super cute and incredibly easy to draw.
  • I cannot have enough moon critics. You never disappoint and you can do it as beautifully as you want. The least common, more interesting.
  • If you draw such a circle, you can create a whole world in it.
  • Ok, it sounds like a product of a child of 3 years, but its simplicity makes it the cutest thing so far.
  • The houses always enjoy drawing doodles. And if you add a few things like a heart, rain, or flowers, it looks awesome and bizarre.
  • The rainbow is still interesting to draw. I did not paint that, but you can play with colors and make it as easy as possible. There is beauty, I promise you.
  • Only a simple vortex may seem incredible on your side. This doodle is so easy to draw that you can make hundreds of them.
  • Only a few lines and you have a soft doodle envelope.
  • If you play with lines and shapes, you can make beautiful gifts with arcs.
  • A caste is easy to draw few lines. You can draw it without lifting the pen, it’s so easy.
  • I like to scribble wonderful eyes and add unusual eyelashes or irises.

Flowers Doodle

Flowers Doodle

  • The simplest flower doodle ever in a vase. How cute? Check more than these below.
  • How do you practice drawing critics?
  • Here are some tips for practicing simple doodle designs.
  • Add color
  • If your scribbles appear too easily, color them with brands, pins, or watercolor color. Be careful when using watercolor on small doodles. You could get a Smudges doodle because it’s so small that it’s with water for painting.
  • I would prefer to use pens and brands for that.
  • Use thin and thick lines
  • If you want your doodles to seem more attractive and deeper, use thick and thin lines to add the dimension. I usually add thin lines on my doodles to give you more depth.

Look at things like forms

The drawing can be difficult, I know. However, if you practice if you look at things like a collection of shapes and lines, they are lighter. For example, if I moved this radio, I only used forms such as rectangles and circles, and some lines.

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