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Condos and Pools: A Deep Dive

condo and pools
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When it comes to building a solid, cohesive condo community, pools can be a boon. They bring people together and create a common space where the only real goals are play, fun, and good times. However, that being said, pools can require a lot of maintenance. Plenty of board involvement to keep things afloat (pool pun!) and running the way they should.

Thinking about moving into a condo building with a pool? Considering investing in a pool within your existing condo community? Not really interested either way, but just wanted to think about sitting in poolside luxury for a moment? Read on!

Five Things to Know and Keep in Mind When It Comes to Pools

1. Location, Location, Location

While swimming pools are attractive condo amenities by any standard, they come with their own fair share of considerations as well. First off, it’s important to consider where the pool is located (or set to be located) within your condo complex. If we’re talking about a simple in-ground pool that exists in its own little space on the main level of the building, the inherent risks there are fairly low.

However, if the condo in question is angling after a swanky rooftop pool and patio, you’re looking at a whole different set of variables – which leads us to our second point.

2. The Liability of Leaks

With a pool comes water – and with water comes the potential for leaks.

Pools on higher levels (read: anywhere above ground-level) require a greater level of management. Therefore pricier to maintain and operate. The reason for this is simple. Leaks have this tricky tendency to travel downwards (gravity!). The last thing any condo board wants to deal with is complaints of water damage from residents living in 801 all the way down to 101! It doesn’t take an economist to recognize that with additional maintenance comes additional costs. Usually in the form of higher condo fees.

If you’re considering moving into a building with a pool, then. Or if your condo community’s kicking around the idea of building a brand-new one. Be sure to ask yourself: will I use this pool enough to offset the additional expense? If the answer’s “yes,” well – last one in’s a rotten egg!

3. Setup and Upkeep

In addition to the potential for big one-time costs associated with things like leaks and the like, there are additional impacts on costs to keep in mind when it comes to condo swimming pools.

Pools are much more than just big holes filled with water, after all. There’s the initial install to consider (which can end up being quite expensive!) in addition to the regular maintenance and upkeep that cleaning chemicals, mechanical components, and water consumption all bring to the table.

Now, all that being said, don’t let the worry of potential repair and maintenance experiences keep you from living your best life poolside. Yes, pools can be expensive to operate – but there are all sorts of preventative practices to be aware of that will go a long way toward keeping your costs low and your dives high.

4. Keep the Pool Party Going with Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to avoiding leaks, there are preventative solutions out there. If you find yourself in the market for a pool – or if you’ve already got a pool and are looking to make sure all that water stays exactly where it’s supposed to – consider installing pressure variation sensors paired with shutdown valves. That way, if a leak does occur, it’s detected immediately and action is automatically taken to lessen the damage resulting from this critical malfunction.

5. Pools and Property Values – the Reality

Finally, if you’ve combed through the above and still find yourself very much aboard Team Pool, keep in mind that one argument you won’t be able to use in defence of a brand-new swimming space is that of increased property values.

As desirable an amenity as a pool might be, installing one really does very little to boost your building’s property value. In addition, pools bring with them the additional logistical issue of how to enforce safe use. Most condo boards won’t want to pay a lifeguard to keep an eye on things during swimming hours, and so it must be made clear, for liability’s sake, that the pool is Use At Your Own Risk – and even then, be ready to deal with the eventual unfortunate inevitability of someone slipping and hurting themselves on the pool deck.

All these considerations aside (and yes, we know, that’s a LOT to consider), there really is nothing quite as fantastic as being able to go for a quick dip in the middle of the cold Canadian winter – or even a chilly Canadian spring! Are there things to think about when signing up for an in-building pool? Absolutely – but as long as you approach these concerns with a detail-oriented mindset and go in with eyes wide open, your condo’s pool will soon be the envy of friends and family alike.

Looking for advice on taking the next step towards keeping the pool party going all year long? Contact us at Catalyst Condo Management today, and just so long as we’re good to stop by for a swim every now and then (kidding, kidding!), we’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction!

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