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Car scrap In Copenhagen – Get Money For Your Old Car

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Do you have an old car standing in the garage that you never use? Or sings your present on the very last verse? So why not make good money on it? At we have many years of experience with car scrap in Copenhagen! Here you get both the best service and the highest Skrotpræmie, and we even pick up your scrap car for free throughout Copenhagen. Should we also give you a good offer on your scrap car? So give us a call on fast car and get a highly competitive price.

Scrapping a car in Copenhagen with fast turnaround time

Our many years of experience and concept have made it easy for you to scrap your car. In other words, we have made the process simple, and we take care of all the practicalities. That way, you move on quickly – even with cash in hand, which you can use as a subsidy for a new car, for example.

Below we have gathered a handful of benefits at

  • 100% professional handling of car scrap in Copenhagen
  • We offer free pick-up throughout Copenhagen
  • Cash settlement takes place immediately
  • We are looking to handle the paperwork and unsubscribe at the engine office
  • We offer the highest premium on car scrap in Copenhagen

Scrap shop in Copenhagen with a green focus

When you drive your car to scrap with us, you can also be sure that all parts are treated with great respect for the environment. We comply with all the Ministry of the Environment’s requirements for the abolition of scrap in an appropriate manner.

Get a good price on car scrap in Copenhagen

Are you looking for a professional scrap shop in Copenhagen, and would you like the highest scrap premium? Then call us at or fill out the contact form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sell your car for scrap and get cash payment sell your car


Do you have an old car standing that you never use anyway? Then sell your car to! That way, you can both make money on your used car, just as you get rid of your car in the most appropriate way. We have many years of experience with scrapping a car, so you can be sure of a fast and efficient process, where we take care of all the practicalities, and you will of course get your scrap premium paid in cash.

Sell ​​your car and get the best scrap premium in Denmark. You can call us and get a non-binding price on just as you can also write to us via the contact form on this page.

It does not get any easier – Sell your car to

You are welcome to hand in your car for scrap at our address in Brøndby, but in fact you can also get us to pick it up for you – we pick up for free throughout Copenhagen. That way you do not have to order a haulier, etc. When we pick up the car, the settlement takes place on site, so you get the money immediately. In addition, we also take care of all the paperwork and deregistration of number plates at the engine office.

Scrap car – We buy all models

The size of the scrap premium naturally depends on the age and condition of your car. We have many years of experience, so you can always be sure of a fair and very competitive price. We do not allow ourselves to be limited to individual makes and models – in fact; we can handle all makes, models and vintages by scrapping a car – regardless of mileage. For example:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Commercial
  • vehicles Defective cars
  • Totally damaged cars
  • And much more!

Get a price today

Sell ​​your car to us and get cash payment immediately. Agree further on. We look forward to hearing from you.


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