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Buy an LG Washing Machine On Lowest EMIs

Buy an LG Washing Machine On Lowest EMIs
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There are many online EMI stores out there, where the process involved in buying an LG washing machine on EMI is quite simple. Many online EMI giants also offer cashback when an electrical or electronic item is purchased on their website.

  • What is no cost EMI:

Before understanding what a no-cost EMI is, let us go through what an EMI is. EMI are monthly installments paid towards purchasing a product. Rather than spending the total amount initially and buying the product, the amount can be divided into installments as agreed by the vendor and paid across multiple months. Due to this nature, the EMI comes with a cost called the interest, wherein the paid amount is slightly higher than the original cost of the product if paid in full. Nowadays, vendors provide no-cost EMIs, so no interest is charged on purchasing the product. If a product costs Rs.12000, paying it across 12 months would be Rs.1000 a month.

  • LG washing machines:

LG is famous for designing and building multiple variants of industry-standard washing machines with various price ranges. Cheaper to costlier models are available from LG, and one has to pick the variant based on their usage and financial needs. Below are the models which are currently available for EMIs,

  • LG 7 KG Fully-automatic front load
  • LG 8 KG Semi-automatic top load
  • LG 6.5 KG Fully-automatic top load
  • LG 7.5 KG Fully-automatic top load
  • LG 7 KG Semi-automatic top load
  • Steps to buying an LG washing machine on EMI:
  • Log in to the online store – Do a thorough analysis of various vendors before opting for one vendor. Each online vendor maintains an online store where different product catalogs are available. Log in to the online store, browse through all the logs, and verify the details of the product.
  • Selecting the product – After going through the online catalogs, like the LG washing machine on EMI, based on your needs, choose your preferred product. Also, go through all the variants before selecting the washing machine. Price and EMI comparisons are also provided for a better user experience in some online stores.
  • Add to cart – After selecting the product, add the product to the cart and proceed to the payment page.
  • Select the EMI option – Multiple EMI options are on display on the payment page, each having its end date. Pick the convenient EMI option and verify the installment amount details at the bottom of the page.
  • Personal details – Enter your details, such as your name and the address with your mobile number. Double-check your address, as they will use this for further communication and product delivery.
  • Checkout and place the order – After you fill in all the details, check out the product and pay with a suitable method.

After your order is confirmed, your product will be shipped for delivery. Since the EMI option is selected, pay the installments without fail. Nowadays, standing instructions can also be set with the bank account so that every month, the installment amount will be automatically deducted and paid to the vendor.

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